European Festivals are the way to go for Summer 2012

Along with Glastonbury and Oxygen, The Big Chill Festival today announced that it will not be running this summer and has now been added to the list of festivals which have been cancelled, to make way for the London Olympic Games.

If your a die-hard festival goer and are at a loss with what to do with yourself this summer, or perhaps you are just keen to escape the Olympic hype, then a festival on the continent could prove to be the ideal solution.

Europe has many fabulous options to offer, which incorporate guaranteed glorious sunshine with the most fresh and exciting beats. Swap your wellies for your bikini, your anorak for your sunnies and enjoy some of your favourite bands whilst catching some rays.

If your a bass fan, Outlook Festival in Croatia ticks all the boxes. Hosted in previously war torn but stunningly beautiful Croatia, Outlook is Europe’s Biggest Bass Music & Soundsystem Culture Festival, which happens every summer in the North of the country.

The weather is amazing ,it’s close to the shore- perfect for those late night dips, but more importantly the music is always fantastic, favouring underground acts over mainstream ticket-selling ones. Last years acts such as Benga,Trojan Sound System and The Bug went down a storm and the 2012 line-up which is due to be released on Sunday, surely will not disappoint.

If an indie vibe is more your thing, Benicassim Festival definitely is the one for you. Held in Spain, it’s a four day festival taking place on the East coast of Spain, between Valencia and Barcelona. The sunny festival has seen the likes of indie giants Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and The Strokes perform, as well as some home-grown Spanish talent. So far the Stone Roses, Florence and the Machine and The Vaccines have been confirmed to play at the 2012 festival, but many more acts are still to be announced.

A less publicised but truly incredible festival is Open’er in Poland. This is the biggest Polish outdoor music festival which just keeps growing in size. A range of successful and eclectic acts have played at Open’er including Pulp, The Strokes, Foals, The Wombats, MIA, Coldplay, Simian Mobile Disco. This year French electro duo Justice are set to headline, along with The XX and zany Icelandic Bjork. The biggest seller for this fest is the price, with a four-day camping ticket priced just £90.

So this year, why not enjoy your summer retreat and your festival experience at the same time. A festival in guaranteed sun, is sure to be your best trip yet!

More information including prices for tickets and accommodation can be found at these websites;

Article by Lauren Probert

‘Funemployment’ Travel: The USA’s Recession-Friendly Travel Trend

In the midst of one of the world’s worst recessions, a growing number of unemployed Americans are opting to turn their dire financial situation into a period of ‘funemployment’. Thousands of the country’s growing unemployed population have started using their period of forced unemployment as an opportunity to improve their lives through domestic travel, dubbing it as ‘funemployment’.

Some have called it a revolt against Dilbert-style work environments, while others claim that the rise in funemployment is occurring alongside a change in America’s social outlook. Whichever is true, the increase in Americans enjoying their period of extended joblessness seems to be causing one of the largest domestic travel revolutions in history.

Prior to the recession, the professional ethic appeared to be one of endless work and limited time for travel and leisure. As salaries grew, so did hours worked, prompting what many call the ‘paid killing of time’ in the American workplace. With jobs now a rarity and stable employment an unlikely event for many of the country’s professionals, a lack of responsibility has lead to a surge in travel.

More Americans than ever are opting to work through the recession not in their offices, but in their vehicles. The Los Angeles Times reported about the rise of funemployment travel over one year ago, but the phenomenon appears to be hitting its peak today. With jobs limited and domestic travel one of several affordable options, entire families are taking to the road in search of new experiences.

It’s a phenomenon that’s unlikely to last, however, as savings accounts run dry and temporary relief benefits eventually end. But with almost ten percent of the United States population lacking a stable job, the revolution in funemployment and domestic travel could be one that remains ingrained in the nation’s culture.