A green adventure

The Green movement is well underway for both companies and consumers but the adventure tourism industry may just be seeing a revolution. Expedition Director Jim Martin of Out For Adventure Wilderness Tours based out of Quathiaski Cove in British Columbia says he has noticed a marked difference in the average consumer decision tree that is as focused on the eco-portion of the adventure they are booking. While adventure travelers surf the net they are looking for solid green ethics to go along with a great adventure.

This could well signal a change in the habits of adventure tourism forcing companies to take a hard look at their operation. “Consumers are are better informed now and want to see a real effort to be as green as possible.” says Expedition Director Jim Martin.

The Pure Orca Base Camp is designed to be as close to zero impact as possible. For the eco-friendly traveler who has come to British Columbia to see Killer Whales in the wild it’s a choice that you don’t have to justify.
Featuring canvas cabin tents and cots the camp is comfortable, clean and about as environmentally friendly as it can be with no permanent structures, all waste is removed and after the season is over you can’t hardly tell the area was used. You will find yourself on a shoreline that the Northern Resident Killer Whales call home, surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery of British Columbia.

Even transportation to the camp is in the most efficient manner – paddle power. You will paddle your sea kayak into camp and gain more from the experience because of it.  Out For Adventure Wilderness Tours Ltd. eliminated their long water taxi runs back in 2008. “We just couldn’t justify running a water taxi when we could easily use a van. Water taxis use tremendous amounts of fuel and tend to be very intrusive to wildlife.” says Martin.

Back in 2008 OFA minted a new environmental policy to always use the most efficient method of transportation. In an industry where full size 15 passenger vans are the norm, OFA also uses mini vans in their fleet for smaller groups.

The Pure Orca Base Camp experience begins at $645.00 Canadian funds and runs from mid June to mid September. Trips are offered in three or four day versions and begin in Campbell River, British Columbia.

Out For Adventure Wilderness Tours Ltd is a leader in British Columbia sea kayaking adventures and also offers sea kayaking in Ontario, Canada. Out For Adventure Wilderness Tours Ltd. has offices in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. More information can be found at www.outforadventure.com.