Vietnam Finds Favour With British Tourists

Vietnam is a new favourite destination for British holidaymakers, according to a recent report.

The UK’s Post Office, a mail delivery organisation that also deals in travel currency, has released a report stating that Vietnam’s currency, the Dong, is the fastest growing foreign currency for tourists, emphasising the fact that many more Britons are visiting Vietnam this year.

Sales of the dong during this summer have increased by 68 percent compared to the same period in 2011, while an air service from London Gatwick Airport to Hanoi Airport, operated since December 2011 by Vietnam Airlines, has also been a factor that has helped to drive up the numbers of UK travellers that are visiting the Asian country.

Andrew Brown, the head of travel money for the Post Office, said, ‘It may be no coincidence that the destinations which have notched up big increases in currency sales during the summer have been ones where sterling has most surged in value.

The boom in demand suggests that holidaymakers are becoming increasingly canny and watching exchange rates as well as seeking out keenly-priced packages before deciding on their destination.’

Another currency that have seen a significant rise in demand in the UK is the Brazilian real, the sale of which has increased by around 60 percent in the summer compared to the same time last year. The influx of British tourists to Brazil has also helped to raise Brazilian hotel room rates by around 31 percent since the summer of 2011.

Currencies that have also registered an increase in demand in the UK are the Mexican peso, the Hungarian forint and the Croatian kuna.