Park Resorts Offers Relocation Package to Caravan Owners

The Bring On campaign, offered by Park Resorts, a UK-based company that offers caravan holidays and caravan ownership and has many key installations around the UK coastline, is offering static caravan owners the opportunity of relocating their holiday home to a Park Resorts location, with a preferential moving package.

The company is offering complimentary transportation, connection costs and site fees for the remainder of 2012, to existing owners of static caravans that would like to move to any of the Park Resorts locations from their present site.

Explaining the offer, Sarah Vernon, the company brand manager said, ‘Hundreds of people have moved to Park Resorts since the Bring On offer was launched. It’s the perfect way to get all the benefits of holiday home ownership, but with added flexibility.

We offer more choice of holiday parks than any other operator, not to mention a whole host of other benefits including extended holiday seasons, fantastic facilities and amazing entertainment – it’s a huge compliment that so many people are choosing to move to one of our parks.’

For prospective purchasers of lodges or caravans that make a purchase during the month of July, the company is offering free pitch fees until 2015, and a free iPad3 for customers that pay in full within 7 days. The Caravans and Lodges are on sale from GBP14,995 for a new model and GBP8,995 for a pre-owned model.

The resort properties are located at 39, mostly coastal destinations, including Essex, Yorkshire, Kent, Sussex and Scotland.


Consider Italy for your next caravan holiday

If you’re looking to go on a fun-filled driving holiday, Italy can offer everything you could possibly need. By taking your caravan and heading from Lake Garda in the north down to Pompeii in the south, you can see exciting cities and participate in amazing activities, while driving through the beautiful Italian countryside.


However, before you set off on your break it is important to have the proper financial protection in place in case you suffer an accident while away. Spend time searching for caravan insurance quotes and you can rest assured that in the event your leisure vehicle is damaged you will be covered.


Once you have sorted this out, you can start thinking about all the fun that can be had on a caravanning holiday through Italy. And there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for excitement in Lake Garda – the starting point of your trip.


As the largest body of water in the country, it should be of little surprise you can try a range of water sports here. These include windsurfing, boating, fishing and snorkelling. However, there is a lot for you to do on dry land. Given its location at the foot of the Italian Alps, Lake Garda is also a great place to go hiking and upon setting off from your caravan pitch you’ll get to walk through forest-covered hills and enjoy amazing alpine scenery.


If you’re after some white-knuckle thrills, however, you’ll be glad to know several theme parks are situated in the area, including Aqua Paradise Park and Gardaland.


However, there’s much more to explore beyond the Lake Garda region and by getting back on the road you’ll be able to soak up the beautiful Italian scenery on your way to Verona.


You’ll find amazing medieval and Roman architecture, so a visit here is sure to be a highlight of any driving holiday. Among the many buildings you can take in are the Renaissance-era San Giorgio church and the Verona Arena amphitheatre, while the city’s cathedral dates back to the sixth century.


Continue your journey southwards and you’ll eventually come to the amazing Amalfi Coast. This is a popular destination for many of those taking driving holidays through Italy and as you navigate the coastal roads, you can soak up amazing sea views and – upon parking your caravan – stop at charming small towns and relax on golden beaches.


In time, you’ll reach Naples. This coastal destination is one of the world’s oldest continually populated cities and there will be plenty of history and culture for you to soak up.


However, if you’re something of a foodie you may be particularly interested to note Naples is where pizza was first made in the late 19th century and there are numerous historic pizzerias where you can try authentic Italian cuisine. There are also plenty of Roman and Greek ruins to see, but if you want to really take a step back in time, make sure you visit the nearby city of Pompeii.


Following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, Pompeii was covered in ash and while the city’s residents were tragically killed this helped to preserve many of its buildings and streets. Today it is the largest archaeological site in Europe and by wandering around the partially-excavated settlement, you can get an idea of what Roman life was like 2,000 years ago.


With so many fantastic places to see on a driving holiday in Italy, taking a caravan can provide you with the freedom to travel around at a pace that suits you and ensure you’ll always have somewhere to stay. However, you should make sure that you seek out caravan insurance online first so that you will be covered in case your touring caravan is damaged.


No matter what caravan holiday spot you choose, by taking a driving holiday through Italy you can be confident of having an amazing time.

A caravan of hope

Hundreds of people from all over Africa are joining a “Caravan of Hope”, which is covering more than 4,000 miles and 10 countries en route to the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa.

The coach convoy set off from the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, on 9 November, and is picking up people all along the journey’s 17-day route, passing through Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.

Some of those travelling on the Caravan come from communities affected by the drought in East Africa. They are taking their stories about the impact of climate change to world leaders at the climate talks.

Three of our partners from Kenya are joining the Caravan. One of them, Mark Diba from the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit in northern Kenya, said: “The current drought in East Africa has created a lot of awareness amongst pastoral communities on the impact of climate change on their everyday lives.

“Communities have witnessed the rainfall patterns being disrupted and this has had an impact on their ability to sustain themselves. Marsabit used to have a lot of consistent rainfall which enabled people to farm and to keep livestock.

“Now, we have had no rains for three consecutive years and even the shallow wells have dried up… This Caravan is an opportunity for these communities to tell their side of the story to the world on the impact climate change has had on their lives.’’

The Caravan has been organised by our partner the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance. Those travelling to Durban are demanding the UN talks help produce a just solution to the mounting climate crisis.

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)’s Mithika Mwenda said:

“This Caravan is very important to us as we want to tell the African story on climate change, and to voice our concerns and aspirations on the impact of climate change on African communities.

“Africa is part of the global community and we would like to show we are responsible in discussing solutions to the problems of climate change. Africa has been doing a lot to address these issues and we feel the industrialised countries are not doing enough and therefore we want to travel to Durban to add our voice at the conference.’’