Seychelles honeymoon… the ultimate favorite for the stars

The Seychelles islands tops the list of journalists Andrea Ege’s top ten honeymoon destinations for celebrities.
In her article entitled “The Celebs’ Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations,” Andrea has come out with 10 of the best celebrity destination, and Seychelles is listed as the best place to go for a romantic honeymoon followed by Turks and Caicos, Maldives, Mexico, California, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Fiji, Barbados, and Bahamas, respectively.

Many dream about some really romantic places where they could spend some valuable time with loved ones, and many people have visited different places around the world to find the perfect place for a great romantic holiday; however, Andrea remarked that celebrities prefer quite different regions – both in terms of geography and budget.

Seychelles islands has been chosen for more than just its beautiful location. Andrea makes known that chased by photographers, celebrities not only needs a place that is beautiful and relaxing but also one that is as paparazzi-safe as it gets.

A secluded holiday destination is what celebrities tend to look out for after spending so much time escaping prying eyes and the paparazzi. Lately, the Seychelles islands has been the regular holiday hot-spot, where most of the private beaches would give celebrities a chance to enjoy their romance without creating headlines.

The article also mentioned famous celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault as having a good time at the North Island Hotel after their wedding.

It also named the former famous British couple, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, even though their marriage did not last, they certainly had a beautiful honeymoon.

As did Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt – they supposedly rented a small villa on Frégate Island for their honeymoon. Just like Liz Hurley with Arun Nayar and Prince William with Kate, states the article.

Celebrity Holiday Hotspots

Celeb’s do like their exclusive holiday resorts, and with their fame and wealth, you’d expect them to only want the best! Monaco has always been a favourite hotspot of the rich and famous – offering the best in casinos, cruises, nightlife and sunshine – and of course Formula 1 Racing!

A tax haven, and a gambling and high living hotspot – celebrities are very often ‘papped’ sunning themselves on gorgeous yachts in the harbour! Islands such as Saint Lucia and Barbados are also very popular Celeb hangouts – many of the tropical islands have beautiful and highly exclusive resorts with private beaches, lovely hideaway cabins and top quality spa treatments, spa food and general pampering and relaxation.

This is where the celebs head to recharge their batteries and escape the pressure of celeb-dom! Saint Tropez in France is another traditional celeb holiday hotspot – and for years all sorts of creative types have fallen under its beautiful spell, with sun-drenched beaches, fantastic restaurants, lovely verandas and gardens to seduce visitors! It’s a great destination for spotting famous folk and feeling like a top-notch creative success yourself!

Treat yourself to a citron presse on one of the many terraces and enjoy watching the beautiful people go by! For a more urban and high octane destination for celebrity spotting, try Dubai – where the glittering landscape, incredible shopping and wild nightlife have long been luring those with high disposable incomes and a desire to party and experience the good life!

Dubai offers it all – sunshine, heat, designer shopping malls, incredible hotels and liveliness at every turn! Las Vegas is another popular destination and many celebs have been seen placing a bet or two in one of the world-famous casinos, in the ultimate glamour city!