Center Parks reveals details of new Woburn Forest venue

Center Parks UK, the operator of a network of holiday villages in the United Kingdom, has revealed details of its new Woburn Forest park, which is currently under construction.

Woburn Forest village is scheduled to open in the spring of next year and will house an updated version of Center Park’s Sub-tropical Swimming Paradise. The swimming facility is at the hub of all Center Parks sites, and the company claims that it is the most popular of the pastimes that are on offer, with the vast majority of guests making use of it during their stay.

Woburn Forest’s Swimming Paradise will be the UK’s largest, according to Center Parks, and will have a clam-shaped construction that promises to provide spectacular views through its panoramic windows. Situated outside the centre will be a Wild Water Rapids experience, while indoors there will be a wave pool, toddler pool, family play area, and Lazy River. Three new features that will be unique to Woburn are the Tornado, Twister and Typhoon. The pool area’s climate will be of a standard that regular Center Parks visitors will recognise, with its year-round temperature set at a constant 29.5 degrees C, and the tropical feel enhanced by exotic shrubbery.

The designer of the Woburn Forest Pool, Charles Neuman, said, ‘The designs of the new Subtropical Swimming Paradise are the result of a culmination of 25 years of experience and lots of research into what modern families want. We have taken the best from the existing four villages and added new exciting elements to give guests at Woburn Forest a unique and special water experience.’

Center Parcs Announces Conservation Projects in Sherwood Forest

Center Parcs, a UK-based company that operates holiday parks, has announced that it will be working for the conservation of the forests and woodlands of Britain.

The company has commenced an initiative that involves planting 50 tonnes of Norfolk Reed in certain waterways at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, as part of its conservation efforts. The company is also organising Bird watching, nature walks and assorted conservation-related activities at all of its holiday parks, as part of the project.

If the reed beds evolve and expand successfully, it is hoped that rare species may begin to nest there, including Bearded Tits and Bitterns.

The company has also been planting orchards of fruit trees, including apple, cherry and plum, which provide natural habitats for Bullfinches and Thrushes. The company is planting hedgerows to attract Linnet, Yellow Hammer and Bullfinch to the area.

The company’s employees have designed a bird spotting info-graphic for visitors and bird watchers, giving details of various species of birds that may be spotted in Sherwood Forest.

Previously, volunteers from the company helped in the maintenance and conservation work in the forest, by weeding and clearing it of debris.

Steve Robinson, the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest deputy leisure manager, said, ‘It’s great that Center Parcs give us the opportunity to get out and help with local projects, meet local people and make a difference to the local community.’

Center Parcs operates 20 holiday parks in Europe, which claim to offer luxurious holiday cottages in natural environments. The fully equipped cottages are located in UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

TV Advert Trouble for Center Parks

Center Parks UK, which provides accommodation and leisure facilities in holiday village locations in the UK, has had one of its television adverts for cheap holidays banned for being misleading.

The Daily Mail has reported that the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency had begun an investigation after receiving a complaint from a viewer that the television advert for a £249 break was only available mid-week and during school term time. The advert appeared to target families, as it portrayed children and adults taking part in various leisure activities together. It also included the line, ‘What would you like your children to inherit? A house? A clock? The family silver? Or something a little more valuable?’

Center Parks defence was that it clearly stated that the price point was £249, the booking deadline was January 31st and that conditions applied. It added that one of those conditions was that ‘this offer is available on selected 4 night midweek breaks.’ The company also said that it did not believe viewers would have expected to be able to take a family of four, including two children of school age, on holiday for just £249.

Despite the defence, the ASA issued the company with a warning and told them to ensure that significant information regarding the availability of their offers was included in their future advertising.

In a comment following the ruling, Center Parks said, ‘Whilst we believe this ruling to be harsh, we will of course take on board the ASA’s comments and continue to work within their guidelines in the future.’