Best Western Acquires New Cleaning Technology for Hotels

Best Western International, a US-based hotel company, will be using new cleaning technology at its 2,100 Best Western hotels in North America.

The company is operating a new cleaning programme, I Care Clean, which will be using the advanced cleaning technology employed in hospitals to maintain a sanitised environment. The programme includes Ultra Violet (UV) sterilisation wands; UV inspection black lights; clean remote controls or wraps for remote control devices; single-use pillow and blanket wraps, and many other measures.

Ron Pohl, Best Western senior vice president brand management and member services, said, ‘A clean hotel is a basic expectation for guests and rightly so. We are unlocking the potential of the housekeeping profession by providing new tools and training to help ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately trust. We believe this programme will help us do just that.

Through our consumer research, we found that no one hotel chain in the midscale category was recognised by consumers as being cleaner than others. This intrigued us, as we saw a real opportunity to lead the industry with advanced cleaning practices and recognised products. This program is our way of re-engineering housekeeping efforts to provide superior customer care to each and every one of our guests night in and night out.

We’ve seen that thorough cleaning between stays and then putting customers in charge of their housekeeping options during their stays results in a higher level of guest satisfaction.’

The company currently operates three levels of hotel in the UK, Best Western hotels, Best Western Plus hotels, and luxurious Best Western Premier hotels.