Remote Rescue for Risk Takers

Cliff divers, jungle trekkers and shark swimmers no longer need to fear for their safety when participating in deliciously adventurous activities abroad – thanks to the new ‘Skyguard’. The masses of British thrill seekers can now purchase the ‘Skyguard International System’; a small, yet ingenious device the size of a tiny key-fob, which enables trippers to summon help at a mere click of a button.
Whether you are having your own traumatic ‘Jaws’ moment or find yourself in a horribly reminiscent situation not so dissimilar from ‘147 Hours’ where by you have your arm wedged between a boulder and a rock-wall, all you need to do is activate your Skyguard key to send for help.
The first personal emergency service offers exclusivity for all British travellers and is the smallest GPS alarm of its kind. In terms of practicality, is excels; allowing tourists to click the device onto their rucksack whilst abseiling down a mountain or to hook onto their wet-suit whilst diving among exotic creatures in the ocean.
The service is rapidly growing across the globe and is already working across 34 European countries, the Russian Federation and South Africa. The device alerts a valiant rescue team as your location can be pin pointed within minutes, thanks to the technologically acclaimed tracking device embedded in the key. A godsend no doubt, for those whose fishing boat has crashed and don’t really want to replicate scenes from Castaway. So you needn’t worry about living off coconuts and catching fish for the remainder of your life.
The golden little gadget is an advisable investment for those who travel frequently to partake in adrenaline pumping activities abroad, for a not so unattractive price tag of £29.95 a month. So by all means, go white water rafting or rock climbing in the middle of no-where- just don’t pick up your car keys instead…

Article by Emma Boyle