PM Attracts Criticism for Holiday Choice

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, has attracted criticism over his choice of summer holiday destination this year.

During a speech to foreign business leaders at the British Business Embassy conference last Thursday, the PM was quoted as saying: ‘If you want a holiday, then why not have your holiday here?’ However, it has emerged that Mr Cameron’s own holiday plans for this year involve taking his wife, Samantha, and their three children to a destination in continental Europe.

The holiday abroad has been confirmed by the Prime Minister’s office in Downing Street, although no specific details were given regarding the location, due to security concerns.

Although the leaders of all three of the UK’s main political parties will be staying in Britain for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games, they have all diarised holidays outside the UK in the weeks following. Liberal Democrat leader and deputy PM, Nick Clegg will be taking his family on their regular summer excursion to his French villa, and on to his wife’s hometown of Olmedo in Spain, while the leader of the opposition Labour party, Ed Miliband, will holiday with his family in Greece.

Newspapers in the UK have been quick to pick up on the Prime Minister’s apparent confusion, with the Daily Mail today alluding to his comments when holidaying in Cornwall in 2010 when he said that Britons should be proud of their country and what it has to offer.

‘I love going on holiday in Britain. I’ve holidayed in Snowdonia, South Devon and North Cornwall, the Lake District, Norfolk, the Inner Hebrides, the Highlands of Scotland, the canals of Staffordshire to name just a few,’ he said at the time.


PM welcomes £250m Centre Parcs site

Work is due to start on Centre Parcs fifth site this year.

The new Bedfordshire based centre will be built by the village of Woburn and is due to be opened by 2014.

The plans for a fifth park have been welcomed by Prime Minister David Cameron, who stated it would be good for the UK economy.

The park will feature 625 lodges, a hotel, swimming pool and a number of leisure facilities costing a total of around £250million.

Mr Cameron said: ‘Center Parcs is much loved by many and this new site is not only great news for holiday makers but great news for the economy too.

‘This expansion and the jobs that it brings will be a real boost to growth and a sign of the increasing investor confidence that there is too.’

The holiday organisation, who already has parks at Whinfell Forest in Cumbria, Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, Elveden Forest in Suffolk, and Longleat Forest in Wiltshire, said the construction project would be ‘the largest of its type in Britain for many years’.

The building of the new park comes as the organisation celebrates its 25th birthday.

The company sort out the site in Warren Wood in 2004 but struggled to get planning permission following protests about the green belt.

The company did not get planning permission until 2007.



Center Parcs chief executive Martin Dalby said the site is in ‘a fantastic location’ because it is an hour’s drive away from the north of London near the M1 motorway.

He said: ‘We think this will be extremely successful. It’s fantastic news for the local economy.’