Four Seasons Hotel London At Park Lane to reopen in May

As outdoor dining returns to the UK, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is planning to reopen on May 17, when guests can celebrate reconnecting with friends, family and London over shared dining experiences.

The hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining at the recently redesigned ‘On The Terrace,’ curated picnics, uniquely crafted ice cream sandwich Summer Saturdays, British vendor Friday Favourites, and speciality pairing menus offering exclusive Champagne by the glass in a special partnership with Dom Perignon.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is in exclusive partnership with Dom Perignon, which relaunches with a l three course Perfect Pairings menu featuring Dom Perignon Blanc Vintage 2010, Plenitude Deuxieme P2 Vintage 2002, and Rose Vintage 2006. Featuring accompaniments include parched lobster, curry-spiced Balik salmon with oscietra caviar and strawberry tartlet with Champagne caviar.

On The Terrace boasts a summer menu by executive chef Henry Brosi, with starters including wild sea bass tartare, asparagus lemon risotto, and langoustine tempura, and then fresh-from-the-grill jumbo prawns, lobster and wagyu striploin or burgers.

Additionally, guests can enjoy a refreshed seasonal cocktail menu created by Bar Manager Ivan Arena inspired by the sights and sounds of London.

Beginning June 2021, weekly special ‘Friday Favourites’ will highlight British culinary producers sourced from London’s Borough Market, including oysters and award-winning cheese, while the weekends will introduce ‘Summer Saturdays,’ offering creative ice cream sandwiches.

Located near three Royal Parks, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane will offer customers two options, the classic takeaway with snacks and Champagne, or the deluxe offering that includes a Picnic Butler to set up. Alternatively, customers can have a special Afternoon Tea experience on property subject to prior confirmation.

Eating Cheap in Singapore: The City-State’s Best Budget Restaurants

While Singapore certainly has a reputation for expense, the city’s restaurants offer some of the most varied and affordable food in the world. Mixing the best of Malay, Indian, and Chinese cuisine, the food on offer in Singapore’s street-level dining establishments and outdoor restaurants is varied and exciting – just what any food obsessed tourists lives for.

We took a look at the city’s ubiquitous ‘hawker stands’ – large, table-filled, inexpensive food centres found on just about every major street corner. The ‘stands’ are similar to the food courts found inside most shopping malls, offering a selection of Singaporean treats and delicious meals. What separates them from food courts, however, is the immense quality of the dishes on offer.

Catch the MRT to Singapore’s infamous Bugis district and you’ll run into several such centres, with the largest located in front of the district’s large hotel spread. Dishes are available from four dollars, making the Bugis area eateries one of Singapore’s premiere budget food corners. Venture down the street to Clarke Quay and you’ll be hit with a variety of high-end restaurants and luxurious bars.

Chinatown is another obvious choice, although its selection of Malay foods is rather lacking. The historical district is located to the east of Bugis, and is accessible by MRT from Singapore’s central district. Eateries throughout Chinatown range dramatically in terms of quality and style, with basic dished available from just $2. Higher-end restaurants will typically charge around $30 per person.

Singapore’s population is food obsessed, leading to an impeccable level of quality throughout the city. While our recommendations cover the city’s leading food spots and budget cuisine locations, they’re certainly not all the city has to offer. For true Anthony Bourdain styled cuisine exploration, spend an evening browsing the city’s back-street eateries and taste-testing inexpensive dishes.