Doncaster Sheffield Airport announces flights to Disneyland Paris

Doncaster Sheffield Airport has announced a new service for Yorkshire residents to visit Disneyland Paris this summer 

Based in Marne-la-Vallee, Disneyland Paris is the most visited theme park in all of France and Europe. The resort has two theme parks, several hotels, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex and a golf course. Tickets to the popular theme park can now be booked for people looking to fly from Doncaster.

Steve Gill, managing director of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, said: ‘We are delighted that our passengers can now book trips to Disneyland Paris flying out of their local airport.

‘For Yorkshire passengers travelling to Disneyland Paris meant a trip to London for the Euro Star or a flight from outside of the Yorkshire region. From March they can use their local airport to fly directly to Paris and enjoy a family trip to Disneyland.’

The new Disneyland Paris service, which will be operated by Flybe, comes as a part of the UK-based airline’s plan to operate eight new routes from Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Accordingly, starting from March 2016, passengers will be able to fly to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Faro, Malaga, Alicante, Jersey and Newquay.

With the plan, Flybe will become the largest low-fares airline to operate from the Doncaster Sheffield Airport with nearly 44 departures per week and an additional 500,000 seats on the new routes in the first year of operation, the Airport had said in November.

‘We are confident we have created a schedule that delivers attractive travel options that are both appealing and affordable for Summer 2016 as well as providing opportunities for onward global connections,’ Phil Delaney, sales and distribution director, for Flybe, said.


Disney Increases Prices: Are the Resorts Still Worth It?

Disney has announced a price increase for its Anaheim and Orlando theme parks. The Disneyland and Disneyworld resorts will see an across-the-board price increase of approximately five percent, bringing the theme park pricing in line with that seen at other California day parks. Disney claims that the price hike was introduced to increase revenue and refurbish the parks more consistently.

The price increase could be a timely and strategically intelligent move for Disney, as significantly more Americans begin to travel domestically. With the cost of international travel out of reach for many debt-ridden American families, the cost effective alternative of a domestic vacation is often the only available alternative. Disney’s parks offer a simple, well-branded vacation opportunity.

Disney’s pricing strategy has always been fairly intelligent, particularly on the corporation’s side of the equation. Tickets to Disneyland and Disneyworld are typically purchased in advance using the park’s website, separating the cost of the ticket from the experience at the park. It’s a classic sales trick, and it’s one that appears to have been highly successful for the company’s theme parks.

However, residents of Anaheim and nearby Los Angeles have voiced complaints about the price hikes, claiming that they should not be an annual occurrence. While Disney has traditionally raised prices in line with inflation and higher earnings, this year could be the first year that sees a price increase alongside a major recession.

Patronage at Disneyland has increased following the opening of the park’s new Disney California Adventure section opened in 2004. While the parks are currently popular, attracting thousands of tourists and California natives daily, Disney plans to increase patronage further by refurbishing the park’s historic ToonTown and Adventure World sections. The price increases will go into in effect in early August at both Disneyworld and California’s Disneyland.