Self-Healing Retreat Offers Respite For Divorcees

A retreat that is intended to help divorced men and women to learn how to rebuild their life after a marriage break-up will be held from September 15 to 17, 2012, at the Granlibakken Resort, in Tahoe City, US.

The event will set out to provide guidance to divorced people in taking back control of their lives and forming new relationships. The brainchild of journalist and author, Kimberly Pryor, the retreat will provide sessions with 12 relationship and self-empowerment experts who will instruct divorcees in how to come to terms with common problems after divorce, such as overcoming nervousness when dating, dealing with post-divorce anger and sadness, reconnecting with pastimes and hobbies, and many other problems that are typically encountered by divorced people from across the globe.

The retreat includes two nights’ accommodation at the resort, all meals, access to resort facilities, and retreat charges.

Kimberly Pryor, the retreat’s founder member, said, ‘I noticed some common problems among my divorced friends. Many of them were beating themselves up over the role they thought they had played in the break-up of their marriage. Others were happy the bad marriage ended but were either nervous about having to date again or when they did start dating again they would meet men or women who were not what I would call the highest quality.

Other friends’ children weren’t taking the divorce well-the kids were turning to drugs or doing poorly in school. My goal in hosting this retreat is to show divorced people easy ways to overcome these and other challenges.’