Brits tell survey they drink more alcohol on holiday

As if confirmation was needed, British tourists have told a recently conducted survey that they consume more alcohol when they are on holiday.

The survey, which was conducted by travel website, Tripadvisor, revealed that 60 percent of UK travellers drink more when they are on holiday than they would in normal circumstances. 28 percent admitted that during their vacation they consume five or more alcoholic drinks every day.

Any suggestion that this extra consumption is a universal trend amongst holidaymakers is quashed by further revelations from the survey, which indicated that British holidaymakers drink more while they are away than French, Spanish, German or Italian tourists. Of the group, Italians were the most restrained with only 25 percent of them drinking more while on holiday.

Italians, however, topped the chart for over-indulging on food while on holiday, with 68 percent of them saying that they ate more. 58 percent of British holidaymakers said that they ate too much while on vacation and, not surprisingly in view of their additional food and drink consumption, 34 percent of Brits said that their holiday did not refresh them or give them more energy, and 11 percent said that they felt less healthy and more tired following their trip.

Emma Shaw, a spokeswoman for TripAdvisor, said in the Daily Mail, ‘Leading busy, stressful lives often means that a holiday is the only time Brits can really let loose and relax. While recharging the batteries is a great idea, British holidaymakers need to be careful that they don’t always need another holiday to recover from the excesses of the last one.’

This survey follows recent reports that the UK’s Foreign Office was handing out leaflets to young British holidaymakers at airports, warning of the dangers of hotel balconies. A growing number of accidents and fatalities had been reported due to falls from balconies, and several of the victims were thought to be under the influence of alcohol at the time.


Vehicles travelling in France must carry breathalysers

Effective later this spring, all motorists in France will be required to have the disposable breathalyser kit in their car for use for a self-check that they are not driving over the limit after drinking alcohol.

Violators of the new regulation without kits in their vehicles will face fines.

France is the first country in the world to enforce the extreme measure.

It’s part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to tackle the country’s terrible drunk-driving record. Every year 4,000 people lose their lives on French roads and a third of these are alcohol related, according to the government’s Sécurité Routière department.

France has already shrunk the legal blood-alcohol content limit to 0.05 – the same as that of British Columbia and Ontario. But the legal limit remains high compared with other European countries, such as Sweden and Norway, where the limit is 0.02.

The rationale behind the breathalysers law is likely to be to educate French drivers on just how little alchohol it takes to pass the legal limit. It is not possible to just count drinks, there are many factors such as body weight, food intake and the person’s ability to digest alcohol that can change the amount of alcohol a person can consume before being over ‘the limit’.

However critics have said there is nothing in the French law requires drivers to actually use the device.