Drivers warned to prepare before driving abroad over Easter holidays

Many of us are planning to get away this Easter, especially with an early start to the annual holiday. Saga is warning the 5.8million drivers who take their cars abroad every year to take a few simple precautions to ensure their trip doesn’t turn into an unmitigated disaster!

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services advises, “The first thing you should do after you’ve booked your trip is to make sure that you have adequate protection. Whilst Saga provides unlimited driving abroad cover, not all car insurers do the same. Taking five minutes to check your insurance could mean the difference between being able to continue with your travel plans; or being left stranded abroad with a hefty bill and nobody to help with language difficulties”.

Once you know your insurance is in place, Saga recommends a few basic vehicle preparations to take the headache out of driving abroad:

· A pre-trip service for the car is highly recommended, to minimise the risk of breaking down while abroad

· Check the condition of the tyres, including the spare, and consider replacing them before the trip if the tread is down to 3 mm or less

· Headlights should be adjusted for driving on the other side of the road so they don’t dazzle oncoming motorists

· Driving licences and insurance documents are compulsory for driving abroad and should be the first thing you pack

· A warning triangle is mandatory in many countries, and some – for example Spain – expect you to have two to alert drivers approaching from both directions

· A first-aid kit is advisable and mandatory in a few countries including Austria

· Showing a GB identification on the back of the car is compulsory when you drive in Europe, and failing to display one will render you liable to an on-the- spot fine

· Many European countries have toll roads so ensure you have plenty of change in the local currency of the countries you are travelling to and through.