Loganair commences new routes to City of Derry, Dundee, Orkney and Shetland from Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has announced the launch of new routes operated by Loganair, a regional UK airline.

As announced in April, Loganair has started connecting Heathrow to the City of Derry, Dundee, Orkney and Shetland in addition to its existing Isle of Man service. City of Derry flights commenced from London Stansted on Saturday May 6, while flights to Dundee left from Heathrow for the first time in 40 years on Tuesday May 9.

The move has brought the first-ever link between City of Derry Airport and Heathrow, connected Sumburgh and Heathrow for the first time and restored the air link from Heathrow to Dundee.

Jonathan Hinkles, CEO, Loganair said: ‘These routes really take Loganair’s provision of regional connectivity to new heights and underline our credentials as the UK’s largest regional airline. We’re very grateful to the UK Government and BA for their support in securing these slots for domestic connectivity and it was great to see so many happy passengers boarding the new services today.

‘Maintaining and improving regional connectivity is one of the main levers of a powerful economy and with these new routes we’re offering business connections into the heart of London from some of the most remote communities in the UK.

‘Likewise, we’ve opened the door to enhanced tourism for places like Derry, Shetland and Orkney, while also giving all our passengers access to the incredible onward connections on offer at Heathrow. It truly is a game changer for regional commercial aviation.’

Joanna Taso, Aviation Director, Heathrow said: ‘We are delighted to be celebrating the inaugural Heathrow to Sumburgh via Dundee departure. Loganair’s new domestic routes to Dundee and the City of Derry will open up lifeline connectivity and global business opportunities via Heathrow, the UK’s gateway to the world. Their expanded operations are supported by our domestic passenger discount and demonstrate Heathrow’s longstanding commitment to regional connectivity.’

Loganair announces schedule changes in Dundee/London link

Loganair is planning to change the schedule of its Dundee-London Stansted flights to suit the convenience of business community and regular passengers, the Courier has reported.

Flybe said that its flight partner Loganair, which launched the public service obligation route in March, is introducing the new flight times after extensive consultation with business community and service users, including a passenger survey carried out by Dundee Airport. Almost 90% of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce members who responded to the survey were in favour of the proposed business-friendly time changes, it said.

Accordingly, from January 4 the afternoon north and southbound services will take off later to allow daily passengers longer working days before leaving for the airport. The change will be especially useful for commuters returning to Dundee, it said.

With the traffic congestion on the Stansted airport route, which is more than an hour from central London, commuters have had to begin their journeys by mid-afternoon for checking-in on time for the 6.25pm flights. Starting Sunday, that flight will now leave at 7pm. The corresponding flight from Dundee to Stansted has been moved from 4.25pm to 4.50pm.

Loganair chief operating officer, Phil Preston, said: ‘The amendments to the Dundee-Stansted service are being introduced to increase convenience for business passengers. We consulted extensively with the business community, with the goal of making modifications to the service to further meet their needs and, overall, it has been an extremely useful process.’

Dundee Airport manager, Derrick Lang, said: ‘We welcome Loganair’s decision to introduce a more business-friendly evening schedule in response to feedback from our survey. The later evening departures will ensure that business travellers can make the most of their working day. It’s encouraging that Loganair have listened to local businesses and changed the schedule to suit their needs.

‘Hopefully this will encourage those who haven’t yet tried the service to do so. We will continue to work with Loganair and other partners to promote the route.’

Loganair’s single rotation service on Sundays will also operate the new departure times from Dundee and Stansted.