Electric Bikes in Popularity Surge

With the London Olympic games nearing an end, commuters in the UK are taking to biking, and showing increased interest in electric bikes, according to 50cycles Electric Bicycles, a company that sells electric powered bicycles and motorbikes.

The company has reported that it has doubled the sales of its Kalkhoff electric bike range in the last few months, compared to the same time last year.

With traffic congestion occurring more frequently in the city of London, Transport for London, a UK-based government agency responsible for the transport system in Greater London, has produced a guide of cycling routes to the Olympic Park for biking enthusiasts, as well as 14 other cycle guides covering more areas of greater London. Cyclists have recommended the routes in the guide.

Electric bikes are now utilising new Impulse technology in order to provide a 60-mile range from a single charge. A recent survey has shown that electric bike owners use their bikes twice as much, as conventional cyclists, and tend to commute 40 percent more than normal cyclists.

A company statement by 50cycles, said, ‘Kalkhoff sales on 50cycles.com have doubled within the London area over the last month with many customers telling us they are buying a new bike prompted by the threat of congestion in the areas across the UK. Our customers are using this unique opportunity of the Games inspired by our summer of sport to get on their bike and make a difference to their lives and cycle to work avoiding all the congestion and stress from the daily commute.’