Eurostar Sponsors French Paralympic Team at 2012 London Paralympic Games

Eurostar International, a UK-based high-speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe, and an official supporter of the London 2012 Festival, is now a sponsor for the French Paralympic team to the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The company is partnering with the French National Paralympic Committee, and will be providing transportation to London for the French Paralympian teams, including blind football, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball teams. The company will be offering a specially chartered service on August 25, 2012, to bring the athletes in to London, and on September 10, 2012, to take them back to France. The company is modifying two Eurostar trains to cater for the teams’ unique requirements.

Nicolas Petrovic, the chief executive of Eurostar, said, ‘It was an honour for us to announce bringing Belgian Paralympians to London this summer and now to be able to carry the French team as well is incredibly exciting. Working closely with Paralympic Committees in both countries we appreciate how important it is for the individual Paralympians to travel together as one team, which is why every area of our business has played a part turning this project into a reality.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games are set to be the most successful and inspiring to date. This represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for sports fans from across Europe to share in the excitement and we are proud to play a role, bringing many of them as well as the French and Belgian teams, to London this summer.’

Eurostar to Host Official London 2012 Festival Event, Traction

Eurostar International, a UK-based high-speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe and an official supporter of the London 2012 Festival, has announced that it is hosting a one-day summer festival, Eurostar presents Traction.

The festival, curateded by DJ, Gilles Peterson, will be bringing a number of European musical, dance and arts performers to Granary Square, London, on July 14, 2012, as part of the 12-week, UK-wide London 2012 Festival, celebrating the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Participants at the festival include French musician Sebastien Tellier, and Brandt Brauer Frick from Germany.

The tickets are available for sale at the company website.

Gilles Peterson, the event curator for Traction, said, ‘Emerging across Europe is a wealth of pioneering musical talent. Traction will give thousands of residents and visitors to the London 2012 Games the chance to discover the exciting new music on offer just a short journey from the UK. In curating this very special event, we will bring a truly original experience to the public as they celebrate the arrival of the Games in London.’

The director of marketing for Eurostar, Lionel Benbassat, said, ‘With such an inspiring and eclectic mix of European music, art and dance, London’s newest creative quarter will come to life for the first time in July. We are excited to be bringing together Europe’s finest talent from across our destinations as the nation counts down to the London 2012 celebrations.’

Eurostar is the Official International Rail Service Provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Eurostar Sees Rise in Sales in 2012 First Quarter

Eurostar International, the UK-based high-speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe, has reported an increase in sales from leisure travel for the three months ended march 31, 2012.

Although there has been a growth of 4 percent in leisure travel, to 2.24 million passengers in the first three months of 2012, compared to 2.15 million in the first three months of last year, the company has reported stagnation in its business travel figures.

Sales revenue for Eurostar has grown by 7 percent to £211 million in the 2012 first quarter, compared to £197 million in the same quarter of 2011, predominantly due to the growth in leisure travel.

The company chief executive officer, Nicolas Petrovic, said, ‘The year got off to a strong start with sales revenues and passenger numbers on the up. Our core destinations continue to be a big draw for passengers but we have also seen particularly good take-up of our Amsterdam fares as passengers are increasingly keen to try out new leisure destinations by high speed rail.’

The railway company is also sponsoring the 2012 Olympic Games, and is hosting a one-day summer arts festival, Traction, in London on July 14, 2012, as part of the London 2012 Festival.

Petrovic said, ‘We are gearing up for an exciting summer, as the nation counts down to the London 2012 celebrations. Bookings for the June bank holiday weekend are looking strong with thousands of visitors coming to London to enjoy the unique pageantry of the Queen’s Jubilee.’

Eurostar trains disrupted by faulty power cable during one of its busiest weeks

A faulty overhead power cable has left thousands of passengers stranded on trains for up to nine hours overnight, during one of Paris’ busiest weeks. 

Eurostar were forced to cancel services leaving thousands of passengers – including catwalk models that are trying to get to the French capital for Paris Fashion Week – with major disruptions to their travels. 

Yesterday four trains services were cancelled during the disruptions, and delays were expected throughout the day on other services. 

Angry passengers took to Twitter to rant about their disrupted journeys. 

Model Poppy Delevingne, tweeted that she was ‘deliriously tired’ following an eight-hour journey. 

In a response to fellow model Laura Bailey she said: ‘cheese and ham toasties are better on the Eurostar LB. The only plus. Been sitting on the track for four hours #cabinfashionfever’. 

She then continued: “Blew a kiss to the receptionist at my hotel as he gave me my key. He looked scared. So would I be. Deliriously tired. Snore #8houreurostar’. 

The former face of Marks and Spencers: Laura Bailey wrote: 

Less conspiracy theories. More wine and cheese… and Paris before breakfast please. #eurostar’. 

However designer Henry Holland was less impressed by Eurostar after tweeting: ‘Eurostar DISASTER’. 

Eurostar, in a message to travellers apologised for ‘any inconvenience caused’ and announced that passengers who were on cancelled Eurostar services have now been reallocated onto other services. 

The company have advised passengers to check the website for any updates.

Due to the delays passenger Ryan Armstrong missed his connecting flight to Amsterdam. 

He said: “We were basically on the train for nine hours. We hardly moved; there was a lot of standing still. At one point the power was cut so we couldn’t see anything or get any information”.

Article by Charlee Greenhalgh

Eurostar ups its game

Eurostar has revealed it will be changing its branding and introducing new service enhancements for its customers, with Eurostar wishing to reflect its plans and ambitions for the business in the future.

Over the last few years Eurostar has seen a big increase in the number of passengers choosing to connect through Lille, Brussels and Paris Gare du Nord to other destinations. This has been driven by shorter journey times and the growing desire among customers to travel in an environmentally responsible, sustainable way.

Whereas in the past Eurostar was an unincorporated partnership of three railways its business was transformed last year into one single corporate entity. Eurostar is no longer just operating in three markets – UK, France and Belgium – and its ambition is to broaden its reach and encourage customers to ditch the plane and travel further into Europe by high speed rail. Eurostar is looking to expand its horizons to the South of France, Germany and the Netherlands. To mark the start of this new chapter and signal the change within the business Eurostar has developed a new identity.

The new branding will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks and months. The first changes will take place on the Eurostar website and on travel tickets, with it then moving on to logos within stations and on trains.

Over the coming months Business Premier customers will see a number of enhancements to the Eurostar service based on business customers’ feedback. These include guaranteed boarding, menus from Alain Roux and an onboard taxi booking service.

Eurostar leisure customers will also see a number of improvements. Eurostar staff have expert knowledge about the destinations and want to use that expertise to enhance the overall experience for the customers. To ensure that leisure customers get the most out of their trip, Eurostar is forging partnerships across cities which ensure that its travellers get the most out of their leisure time at no extra cost – be it art, music, sport, gastronomy or shopping.

The Eurostar Plus initiative, for example, gives customers ‘two for the price of one’ entry to the leading galleries and museums in London, Paris and Brussels and has recently struck a deal with Jamie Oliver whereby customers travelling from the continent can get a 15% discount at his ’15’ restaurant in London.

Eurostar will also be upgrading its fleet and purchasing 10 new trainsets which complement its existing fleet.