British Airways launches ‘Flying with confidence’ course from London City Airport

British Airways has launched its first ever ‘Flying with Confidence’ course at London City Airport, as part of its centenary celebrations coming up in August.

The course, which has run for three decades, has helped more than 50,000 people overcome their fear of flying. It is run by British Airways Captain Steve Allright and a specialist team who will explain the technical side of flying, challenging regular areas of concern such as turbulence. The centenary celebrations include initiatives that are designed to look ahead to the next 100 years of aviation. There will also be advice from a clinical psychologist on relaxation techniques and managing anxiety, and the day will finish with a flight on a modern Embraer 170 jet.

Captain Allright believes the course will help more people than ever take to the skies in the future. ‘We love flying and want everyone to share that feeling of limitless opportunity and adventure that only air travel can really deliver. British Airways is the largest airline at London City Airport so we want to give nervous customers the chance to spread their wings and enjoy exploring all the new destinations we have to offer, most recently Split in Croatia,’ he said.

‘We’ve had so many incredibly heart-warming stories during the 33 years of the course, but what they all have in common is that we’re helping to connect people, and that definitely makes it all worthwhile,’ Allright added.

The one-day ‘Flying with Confidence’ course will start with presentations by British Airways pilots and a psychologist, at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, New Providence Wharf. It will conclude with a 45-minute flight on a British Airways aircraft with participants guided by the airline’s flight crew and supported by experienced cabin crew.

easyJet launches new ‘Fearless Flyer’ course

easyJet, one of UK’s leading airlines, has announced the launch of seven new ‘Fearless Flyer’ courses across the UK to help nervous travellers overcome their fear of flying.

The courses are hosted by phobia expert Lawrence Leyton, star of Channel 4’s ‘Fear of Flying’, along with a senior easyJet pilot, who together explain how an aircraft works, dispel common flying myths and teach the participants a unique set of ‘mind tools’ to manage their fear, the airline said.

Starting Autumn 2014, easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course will be run at Gatwick (Sept 20-21), Belfast (Oct 10-11), Luton (Oct 18-19), Edinburgh (November 1-2), Manchester (Nov 7-8), Bristol (Nov 14-15) and Stansted (Nov 21-22). On the second day participants travel onboard a special easyJet flight to test what they learnt, with a full commentary in the air from the captain.

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Group Commercial Director, commented: ‘We’re delighted to launch a new set of dates for the Fearless Flyer courses following its huge success over the past year and a half. The techniques and advice that participants are taught on the course are long-lasting and work for all levels of anxiety and fear – whether you’re a first-time flyer, an extreme phobic or whether you experience general anxiety and apprehension.’

‘We know that a fear of flying can really affect your life and stops many from holidaying abroad, visiting family and travelling on business trips. With a 95% success rate on our courses we’re really looking forward to helping more people transform their lives.’

Mark Wein, Director of FOF Events which organise the fearless flyer courses, said: ‘Our spring series of Fearless Flyer was a phenomenal success with sell out courses and a near perfect success rate. We’ve therefore added additional dates for the rest of the year to cater for the increase in demand we are now experiencing.’

The latest course comes as the airline celebrates helping more than 1,000 people to manage their fear of flying since launching the course in late 2012.

easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course is offered at £189, and participants may invite a companion with them on the flight if they wish, for £69.