Tourist surge in latest Twilight locations

 The phenomenon that is Twilight is taking over cinemas once again with the release of its latest installment: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One, but it also seems that the popular films have affected the world of travel.


Locations featured in the latest film are seeing an increase in interest from film fans wanting to follow in the path of the films stars: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.


According to accommodation site the town of Forks – the key setting for the entire Twilight saga – is benefiting from the gained spotlight. This month online statistics have shown that searches for rooms in the small town were up by 225 per cent.


Other featured locations, which have attracted Twilight fans, include: Squamish, a remote idyll north of the Canadian border in British Columba. The location is the setting of the most talked about wedding of characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.


In comparison to this time last year accommodation searches have risen to 300 per cent.


The already popular city of Rio de Janeiro – where the newlyweds spend their honeymoon – has seen an increase in searches by up to 86 per cent.


Compared to November last year Vancouver, another Twilight hotspot has seen a 59 per cent growth in searches.


It should be noted that before Twilight fans dash off to the airport, what you see on screen bears little relation to the real world. In particular Forks, is not featured in the new Twilight film.


However this has not stopped tourism in the town soring by 1000 per cent since the arrival of the first Twilight novel in 2005.


By Charlotte Greenhalgh

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Taking place from October 22 to 30, TIFF is held annually in several venues across Tokyo, most events staged within Roppongi Hills in the Minato area. Roppongi Hills is a multi-function urban development comprising boutiques, cinemas, restaurants, art spaces and sculptured gardens, providing a cosmopolitan backdrop to this glamorous international event.


This year, two opening films kick off the event: Hollywood action ‘The Three Musketeers’, and Jackie Chan’s ‘1911’. The latter is Chan’s 100th film and is both directed by and starring the Hong Kong superstar. Other highlights include a retrospective of iconic Japanese actress Kyoko Kagawa, a presentation of Yasujiro Ozo’s 1953 masterpiece ‘Tokyo Story’, and a screening of ‘Moneyball’ with Brad Pitt, which will officially close the festival. Aside from movie screenings, TIFF includes special appearances by actors and industry-related seminars and symposiums.


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