Unlucky Friday 13 flights drop by a third

Research has found that travellers become a little superstitious of flying on Friday 13, despite it being one of the safest modes of transport. Instead of tempting fate travellers avoid the 13 and look for other dates to travel on.

One comparison website has noticed a 27 per cent drop in bookings on the unlucky day, something that happens every time the dreaded day rolls around according to the site.

Friday 13 fell in May last year, and there was a 24 per cent drop in bookings compared to seven days prior where there was keen interest. However the site jetcost.co.uk said this year the figure climbed to 27 per cent.

Jerome Cohen-Scali, co-founder of the website, said: “Fear of Friday the 13 is of course pretty well known, but it was really surprising to see such a drastic drop in flight bookings for flights taking off this Friday”.

“We rarely see such a large drop below the weekly average, but it suggests that people are letting their superstition get the better of them’ trying to avoid flying on the day altogether”.

While some people stay at home giving into their superstition, bargains will be available for those looking for last-minute getaways due to the drop in interest in flights for Friday 13.