Visiting Autumn Festivals in France

All over Europe, the summer months are more than known for the usual hype of music festivals, that are able to boast incredible bands and a ton of outdoor activities. There is also much drinking and food involved, turning these occasions into a feast of the senses, and to top it all, the sunny weather helps, too.

With the coming of Autumn, there is no reason to stop searching for other just as incredible venues; as the temperature falls, don’t let your enthusiasm get bummed out as well. For instance, in France, there happens a number of events worthy of a visit and equally exciting.

From mid-September until the very last day of December begins the Paris Autumn Festival, a contemporary arts festival featuring well over 40 events around the city and giving you plenty of time to plan a few days off in advance, travel to the City of Light and tour your favourite showcases with all the convenience and ease. From dance, theatre, music, to a variety of artists coming from all corners of the world, this is the perfect opportunity to get in tune with the current times!

During the following week, however, two other events have grasped our attention and we can’t help but share them with you: the Marseille International Fair has opened last Friday, the 23th of September, and will be keeping its doors widely open to all visitors until the coming Monday, 3rd of October. The time-span may be short, which gives you all the more reason to go check it out as soon as possible!

You may find that having a car hire booked during your days in Marseille will show itself helpful to reach the destination with less hassle and get you there in no time; also, there is no need to worry about parking: the venue offers 1,500 parking spaces, allowing you to leave your vehicle in safety while you spend the day visiting this massive exhibition.

And what is there to see, anyway, you may wonder. Well, all I can tell you is: what isn’t there to see! Parc Chanot, where the fair is hosted, holds over 1,400 exhibitors from a total of 50 countries and whose showcased products range from interior décor, technology, home improvement, beauty care, gastronomy, leisure… Whew, all of this at the price of 7.50€ – what a bargain, wouldn’t you say? Better yet, it makes for a great family outing since kids under the age of 12 are free of charge. Other discounts concerning groups as well as more information is available on the Foire de Marseille official page.

While you’re by the French Riviera, do go admire the St Tropez Regatta, considered the ultimate event of the season as it occurs at the beginning of October. This sailing race comes as the ideal chance to marvel at yachts from all over the world or, if allowed, to be part of the sailing crew in one of these sailing beauties.

So, as you can see, Autumn may change its feathers but these are still entertaining months, where you won’t be short on opportunities to amuse yourself, whether by car, foot or… boat!