No boys allowed

A hotel in Denmark due to open its doors next month will house an entire floor exclusively reserved for women.  Taking ‘girl power’ to a whole new level, the ‘Bella Sky Comwell’ located in the heart of Copenhagen has decided to devote an entire floor purely for females, following extensive focus group results on hotel stays and experiences.
The Danish four star establishment has specifically designed the rooms to cater for all necessary ‘girly’ requirements a standard hotel room should conventionally provide. The carefully selected alterations have been made to ensure all newly modified features of the room meet the high feminine standards. Modified items include; a pristine and spacious bathroom with extra towels (as one is needed to stand on when getting out of the shower, one to wrap round hair and one to wrap round the body). An elongated sink to position all perfume bottles, make-up bags, usual toiletries, hair accessories, face-washes, moisturisers, lotions, body-sprays and all other seemingly compulsory clutter women are just compelled to bring along with them, despite how short the duration of their stay may be.
A Jacuzzi bath and the traditional shower are also elements that have had a bit of fine tuning, with the installation of an extra-large showerhead and staggered shelves to place numerous shampoo and conditioner bottles. State-of-the-art super-strength hairdryers have also been included in addition to specially adapted mirrors that magnify, to allow the application of make-up easier. The detailed designs of the rooms are meant to make a woman’s stay as relaxed and useful as possible; with all personalised items very accessible and applaudable in terms of practicality.
The floor will also be world class in terms of sanitation and cleanliness, as the focus groups revealed that women thought rooms that had not been occupied by men were more hygienic. Thus, ensured with the knowledge the rooms are solely dedicated to women only, guests are hypothesised to feel more at ease with the purity of their surroundings.
The open discrimination of the hotel towards men is taken very seriously, as men’s keycards will not allow them access to the floor, including male members of staff.  Perhaps decades of nagging about confined sink space and a dated hairdryer in hotels are finally paying off.

Article by Emma Boyle

Girls on camp

GirlieCamps, the original organiser of action sports camps for girls, has teamed up with Brotherhood Camps this summer. We meet for a week of surfing right at the centre of Biarritz, staying in a hotel in front of La Grand Plage.
Brotherhood Camps was founded by snowboard legend Peter Strom and have decided to come down from the mountain this summer adding surfing the offering. GirlieCamps and Brotherhood Camps will go surfing together during the days and hang out together in the evenings. We surf with one of the best surf schools in the region, picking the best surf spot for the day. You will learn how to surf and experience the surfing life style. We will teach security on the beach.

During the week we also practice yoga and give advice and tips about nutrition and what to eat. We will go to a Biarritz restaurant one evening and throw a beach party together. Everything will be documented by a photographer and campers can buy their own DVD with memories from the week. You get the best of everything Biarritz city mixed with surfing, beach and parties.

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