Heathrow Express Announces Newly Redesigned Train Carriages

Heathrow Express, a UK-based express train service from London Heathrow Airport (Heathrow) to London Paddington station, is offering refurbished trains for its corporate customers.

The company is offering newly redesigned first-class and standard cabins, specifically based on the requirements of business travellers, and offering a lounge environment in the first class carriages.

The new cabins, which were refurbished at a cost of £16 million, have quilted seat covers, larger HD TV screens that provide a range of travel information, and tables with integrated power sockets. The company carries five million passengers per year, of which business travellers’ account for 65 percent of the total passenger traffic.

The company is also claiming to offer improved mobile phone signals on all points of its routes, as well as new uniforms for employees, and re-branded local ticket offices. The refurbishment process is expected to be complete by April 2013.

Dan Smith, head of engineering at Heathrow Express, said, ‘Heathrow Express was built with airline customers and business travellers in mind.

This recent wave of investment means the fleet is years ahead in terms of safety compliancy and continues to lead the way in terms of on board innovation and technology as well as improving the style and comfort that our passengers deserve.’

Heathrow Express managing director, Keith Greenfield, said, ‘Our new fleet will ensure that our customers receive the most relaxing and convenient travel experience possible. I am very proud to unveil our new trains – the result of three years hard work.’

Heathrow Express Announces Booking Capabilities through Smart Phone Apps

Heathrow Express, a UK-based express train service from London Heathrow Airport  to London Paddington station, has announced new features for its smart phone applications.

The company is offering a new feature for the applications, which allows business travellers to purchase tickets for Heathrow Express trains using their smart phones.

Heathrow Express is a part of BAA Ltd, owner and operator of six British airports, including London Heathrow. The company has added new capabilities to its existing Blackberry and Android applications, for buyers to have electronic tickets bought and delivered to their smart phones, as well as receive updates on travel plans.

The upgraded app also allows business travellers to use a corporate trade account for making bookings for the train service, without having to go through their appointed travel agents.

Heathrow Express is implementing new initiatives at a cost of GBP16 million, which also includes new trains and uniforms for employees.

Michael Walker, the company head of commercial development, said, ‘We have a series of continued innovations planned throughout the year to ensure we keep upgrading the online functionality for our business and leisure customers.

These changes are the first in a long line of new developments due to launch throughout the year.’