US Automotive Groups Expect Record Labor Day Travel

With America’s Labor Day holiday fast approaching, tourism firms are predicting an increase in the number of families leaving their homes. While flight costs are down across the United States due to the poor economy, industry experts have stated that prices are likely to increase over the weekend as more families opt to avoid traffic congestion and lengthy road journeys.

The Triple A has predicted a ten percent increase in the amount of American families travelling over fifty miles by road, pointing to past data as an indicator of this year’s travel increase. Congestion has historically been an issue on Labor Day weekends, with many of the country’s largest intercity roads experiencing severe traffic congestion, sometimes doubling travel times.

With fuel prices at steady, albeit high, levels, that could push more American families to opt for air travel as an alternative to the road. Airlines report a steady increase in demand surrounding holiday weekends and major events, with Labor Day’s three-day weekend offering many families a chance to travel that’s otherwise unavailable throughout the year.

As the holiday is observed on a federal basis, it’s one that the entire country can enjoy. Travel is at a financially unhealthy level throughout the United States – while several airlines are reporting steady profits and bookings, a growing number of independent hotel and tourism chains are being hurt due to the ongoing economic recession.

The country has taken several measures to improve tourism, particularly in regions suffering from a ‘double dose’ of bad fortune due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Federal agencies have provided assistance to states affected by the disaster and its effects on tourism, with a number of small hotels and independent tourism businesses due to receive low-scale grants and government support.