Unusual Accommodation: Renting One of Germany’s Restored Castles

As Europe’s third most visited country, Germany’s major centres certainly aren’t unfamiliar with the sound of rapid tourism. From Berlin’s massive shopping promenades to the historical buildings just hours south in Munich, the country is home to one of Europe’s most developed and friendly tourism industries – one that’s growing while others in Europe battle a drop in overnight stays.

But while most tourists spend their time in Germany’s major centres and historical cities, a growing number are opting for an alternative accommodation option. Home to some of Europe’s largest and most effectively preserved castles, the ultra-niche German castle rental industry is expanding faster than anyone in the tourism sector could have predicted.

The majority of the country’s rental castles are located within one-hundred kilometres of its major cities, particularly those in the country’s central regions. Throughout former East Germany, castle and manor-style accommodation is available at prices that few would expect – a double bedroom inside one of the country’s largest castle hotels is available from as little as €60.

It’s certainly an innovative take on one of the world’s most popular accommodation markets. While hotels within Germany’s major centres – particularly Berlin – command some of the highest rates in the world, those located in the country’s historical buildings are available at backpacker prices. For adventure tourists and history buffs, the castle-style rooms are an attractive alternative to hotels.

Despite growing at a rapid rate, Germany’s castle rental industry is still one that’s catered to largely online. Bookings can be made through a variety of services, many of which offer transportation to and from the country’s major airports. Book ahead, however, as castle hotels located close to major cities and population centres tend to fill up fairly quickly during public holidays and local events.