Feel pampered with honeymoon packages

When booking your honeymoon there are certain criteria people have in mind for your holiday of a lifetime. As well as the perfect location, beautiful settings and gorgeous weather, you begin looking for all the lovely freebies you can get with a honeymoon, to make this trip the most special of your lives.

Lots of tour operators these days throw in several complimentary items with honeymoon packages, so if you’re keen on getting a free gift or two, read on to find out what you can receive.

Room upgrades

We all dream of booking the honeymoon suite at a hotel, especially if you’re actually going on your honeymoon. But when you weigh up the costs, you might decide that the added expense isn’t something you can afford. That is why it is so brilliant when some hotels offer to give you a free upgrade to the honeymoon – or another fancy – suite.

When booking your trip, we advise you to look for accommodation that has special deals on the rooms such as this. You might also find offers for some hotels that allow you to get one or two nights free if you stay a certain amount of time. If you go on a safari honeymoon, you may get one night free and an upgrade to a romantic lodge with a private pool – heaven!

Free champagne

They weren’t the only treats you may be given though, and you may also be lucky enough to receive a free bottle of champagne. In fact, we discovered that lots of hotels are keen to offer loved-up brides and grooms some complimentary bubbly. This is often stipulated when you book the room (indeed, it could tempt you to choose one hotel over another!), but you might instead be surprised by the generous offer and find a chilled bottle and two glasses when you arrive – ideal after a long flight across the world!

Romantic dinners

There’s nothing you may enjoy more than spending time with your new husband having a romantic dinner, and we think you should have as many of these as possible on your honeymoon. This is why we specifically look at the different restaurants and cuisines available at the hotels we are considering – however, as well as having amazing dinners out at luxurious eateries, you might also have the chance to enjoy a private candlelit dining experience.

Some hotels might offer you and your spouse the opportunity to have a three-course meal on its beach, pier or other private area. Some enjoy a really special dinner alone in a gazebo by the sea with their own private waiting service all evening, delicious food and the most spectacular views.

Pampering packages

Another thing you may appreciate on your honeymoon is the chance to enjoy the hotel’s spa facilities – especially if you found the task of organising the wedding a particularly stressful one! If rest and relaxation are two highly important criteria for your romantic break, look for resorts that have their own treatment rooms. Offers for free couples’ massages, facials, mud wraps and other luxury experiences are also often available. Having one or two of these will certainly leave you feeling very special on your honeymoon – especially if you get them for free!

Wherever you decide to go for your romantic break – from following these steps and enjoying a safari in Africa to embarking on a romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean – keep these freebies in mind when booking your trip. This way, you can ensure you have the best holiday of your lives.

Seychelles to capitalise on its position as a honeymoon destination

Following a recent high-profile honeymoon in the island, Seychelles is promoting itself as the first choice for honeymooners to celebrate their wedding.

The island nation is to promote its exotic mid-ocean islands as the most sought after wedding and honeymoon destination. The Island was recently featured in a full-page report in the UK-based Planning your Wedding Magazine. The Tourism Board of the island said that the much publicized honeymoon of Prince William and Kate Middleton a year ago has taken the name and fame of the island far and wide.

An official with the board said, ‘but since that royal honeymoon, the world has been descending on Seychelles for their honeymoon to have their own taste of paradise and to appreciate what the young British Prince and his spectacular bride enjoyed. Earlier this month nineteen young Chinese couples also chose Seychelles for their wedding. That group wedding event was another first for Seychelles.’

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It is located about 1,500 kilometres east of mainland Africa and is close to the island of Madagascar. Its population of 86,525 is the smallest of any African state, and the nation also enjoys the highest Human Development Index in Africa. The nation also has a good official score, as per the Ibrahim Index, in Safety and Security, Participation and Human Rights and Human Development.

The group of islands are made up of 42 granitic islands, the beach of Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, two coral sand cays north of the granitics, and 29 coral islands in addition to other geographic attractions. The climate, though humid, remains stable all through the year.

Adventurous trips favoured over beach holidays by honeymooners

A honeymoon is usually a luxury holiday; a beach somewhere exotic is the natural choice for many newly weds.

But a survey has shown that 81 per cent of British honeymooners are favouring an adventure on the trip of a lifetime rather than a beach holiday.

Only 12 per cent of Brits said they would opt for a poolside holidays lazing around.

The survey by Unique Honeymoons magazine found that many newly weds wanted a ‘unique and adventurous’ start to married life.

Only 3 per cent were opting for a budget break, and four per cent opting for a ‘mini-moon’ despite the struggling economy.

‘So that’s a no to Caribbean all-inclusives and yes please to floating tents in Cambodia or Swedish tree hotels’.

Top of the list of hotspots for 2012 was Tanzania, thanks to wild safari’s the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the odd gorgeous beach in case you don’t want to laze around for a day or two.

Followed closely by Burma and Borneo, which offer jungle environments, spicy food and spectacular wildlife.

When it coming to rekindling romance on Valentines day couples from the UK and Ireland spent the least when booking a break. Uk couples only spent £145, whereas the Spanish spent an average of £218. London came out top of the places to spend the Valentines weekend, followed by Edinburgh and Manchester.

Unique Honeymoons’ hotspots for 2012:

1. Tanzania

2. Burma

3. Borneo

4. Namibia

5. Japan

6. Ikaria, Greece

7. Western Australia

8. Lake District

9. Argentina

10. Kyrgyzstan



Seychelles honeymoon… the ultimate favorite for the stars

The Seychelles islands tops the list of journalists Andrea Ege’s top ten honeymoon destinations for celebrities.
In her article entitled “The Celebs’ Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations,” Andrea has come out with 10 of the best celebrity destination, and Seychelles is listed as the best place to go for a romantic honeymoon followed by Turks and Caicos, Maldives, Mexico, California, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Fiji, Barbados, and Bahamas, respectively.

Many dream about some really romantic places where they could spend some valuable time with loved ones, and many people have visited different places around the world to find the perfect place for a great romantic holiday; however, Andrea remarked that celebrities prefer quite different regions – both in terms of geography and budget.

Seychelles islands has been chosen for more than just its beautiful location. Andrea makes known that chased by photographers, celebrities not only needs a place that is beautiful and relaxing but also one that is as paparazzi-safe as it gets.

A secluded holiday destination is what celebrities tend to look out for after spending so much time escaping prying eyes and the paparazzi. Lately, the Seychelles islands has been the regular holiday hot-spot, where most of the private beaches would give celebrities a chance to enjoy their romance without creating headlines.

The article also mentioned famous celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault as having a good time at the North Island Hotel after their wedding.

It also named the former famous British couple, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, even though their marriage did not last, they certainly had a beautiful honeymoon.

As did Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt – they supposedly rented a small villa on Frégate Island for their honeymoon. Just like Liz Hurley with Arun Nayar and Prince William with Kate, states the article.

Travel light on your honeymoon with my Travel Cash

Newlyweds are increasingly shunning the wedding list and asking for money as a wedding gift to put the cash towards a honeymoon.

Research shows that 45% of couples would prefer guests to give them money, with 26% opting for vouchers towards a honeymoon.

It’s becoming a growing trend for couples to ask for money as a wedding gift. Since the recession, it has become more acceptable to ask for money, either to put towards the honeymoon, or towards a major purchase. In the past couples may have been embarrassed to ask, but during these credit-crunching times, wedding guests are happy to abandon tradition and offer gifts that are more practical to the newlyweds.

With the wedding season upon us, couples about to jet off on honeymoon should make sure they pack all the essentials remembering to sort their currency in advance, so that once they arrive in the land of love, they are free to devote their time to their beloved.

To ensure your hands are free for holding, take a prepaid currency card rather than wads of cash as it allows you to spend directly from the card or withdraw money when you want to.

And now you can feel confident when you pull out the plastic on honeymoon as my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® has scrapped ATM withdrawal fees and is giving 1% unlimited cashback on all purchases.

The 1% cashback rewards all cardholders, whether they use the card regularly or not.  Earned on all purchases and paid directly to the prepaid card account every month, the amount earned is only limited by how much the cardholder spends – no hidden tricks or complicated rules just great value, commission-free travel money.

By removing ATM fees on all three of their prepaid currency cards, my Travel Cash cardholders can now use cash machines abroad safe in the knowledge that they will not be hit with additional ATM charges.  For example, using the Euro card to make a withdrawal in Euros could save them up to £4.75 on a typical withdrawal of £100, compared to using a debit or credit card.  The same applies for using the US Dollar card when withdrawing US Dollars abroad.

Why not splash out on champagne and truffles, spa treatments and fine wines for your loved one using the my Travel Cash prepaid MasterCard.

Steve McGarry from Rochdale used his card on honeymoon:

“I used a my Travel Cash card on my honeymoon. My new wife and I travelled to Orlando and then spent a luxurious week cruising the Caribbean. We chose to take a my Travel Cash card because we could each have one, and it was a secure alternative to carrying cash, and just as readily accepted on our travels.” Sorting travel money beforehand means couples can spend more time relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Korea has honeymoon appeal

There are many places in the world that can be referred to as hot honeymoon destinations, and the Seychelles is definitely courting the top of such a list.

More and more, especially since newlyweds Prince William and Catherine jetted to the islands for their honeymoon, Seychelles is in the limelight for honeymoon travel.

Such a trend is building up in Korea which is one of the strongest secondary markets for Seychelles.

The Koreans view the islands as not only the place to unwind while being surrounded by glistening waters, tropical palms, and beautiful sandy beaches, but it is one which will leave lasting memories.

At the Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) held in Seoul last month, Seychelles could have been the most exciting destination of the show, as its romance appeal attracted a lot of visitors to the stand.

The Seychelles Tourist Office in South Korea confirmed that the awareness and popularity of the destination keeps increasing on that market, as more people show interest.

The Seychelles stand was highly appreciated at KOTFA, as it showed the enviable beauty of the islands, as well as a replica of the Seychelles giant tortoise. The latter created a stir, as did the coco-de-mer nut, which Seychelles promoted as the fruit of Eve, which brings luck when you touch.

Seychelles also hosted a “Seychelles Survival Quiz” where five “survivors” were rewarded each day of the show.

Besides their presence at the show, the tourist office in Korea also ran a busy program of PR events and trade promotions for the trade and media, in a bid to further expose the destination and create awareness among the people who sell it.

To further confirm Seychelles’ successful presence at the show, the destination won the Best Booth Design Award for the second year in a row.

The office said after the trade fair that KOTFA has helped immensely to promote the destination to the Korean mass market and that Seychelles should participate every year until such time that it is satisfied that the islands are well-established in that market and the numbers are showing even healthier growth.

Where have the royal honeymooners gone on holiday?

After more than a week of keeping the world guessing, the Kate and William have finally left for their honeymoon – secrecy still surrounds the destination, but it’s widely believed to be a holiday in the Seychelles.

With a record two billion people watching the wedding globally, their choice of honeymoon is predicted to send ripples through the travelsphere.

STA Travel group managing director John Constable commented: Wills and Kate are perhaps the most accessible Royal couple, in terms of young people relating to what they’ve done – specifically in terms of travel history.

Both have had gap years, been on safari, been to Australia and South America, all of which are on the travel wish list of every young person in the UK.

The Seychelles is already one of the most popular honeymoon destinations – but now its popularity is going to soar as people look to emulate Wills and Kate.

However it’s not just the honeymoon destination which have been thrown into the spotlight thanks to the newlyweds, but luckily you don’t need a Royal bank balance to holiday like Wills and Kate thanks to STA Travel.

Wills spent time volunteering in Belize as part of his gap year working on different projects. STA Travel has a 28-day conservation project tour from £1195, which includes accommodation and selected meals, does not include international flights. It includes working in Belize’s national parks, archaeological reserves and a Manatee Rehabilitation Centre.

Will spent time in volunteering in South Africa, alone, and also with his brother Harry before the World Cup in 2010. STA Travel has a 14-day ‘Kingdom of the White Lion’ trip near Johannesburg in which participants help care for endangered animals and maintain the animal sanctuary.

The first Royal engagements for Wills and Kate as a couple was a tour of the UK. STA travel has a 14 day tour of Britain and Ireland, starting and ending in London, from £1190.