JetBlue’s Innovative ‘All You Can Jet’ Revenue Model Gains Traction

For the second time in twelve months, American airline JetBlue is bringing back its unlimited one-month travel program. Dubbed the ‘All You Can Jet’ scheme by the company’s marketers, the deal allows pass holders to book unlimited flights within the contiguous United States for a flat fee of either $699 or $499. The previous deal was a huge success, with tickets sold out in just two days.

The tickets will be available to consumers for just three days, with JetBlue offering service between the seventeenth and twentieth of August. Given that last year’s entire promotion sold out within two days, it seems the company is looking to the past for ideas on its booking schedules. JetBlue claims that the previous promotion turned a profit for the company, which had seen limited revenue.

It’s an unusual promotion, particularly for an industry that’s accustomed to charging a variable fee for single travel tickets. While JetBlue is minimizing the risks involved in such a promotion by its travel timeframe and non-peak seasonal sales, heavy use of the unlimited travel tickets could have ended up hurting the company. One enthusiast used his pass a record fifty times during last year.

JetBlue is one of several low-cost airlines operating within the United States, operating primarily in the country’s northeast region. Its reputation for customer service and limited prices have made it an increasingly popular choice throughout the recession, although the company faces tough opponents such as industry leader Southwest Airlines.

The company hopes that the ‘All You Can Jet’ pass will encourage residents to visit family and enjoy the country’s large selection of cities offering JetBlue service. With travel gurus already eyeing up a chance at unlimited domestic travel, it looks as if we could soon see the one-month domestic flight record smashed to pieces. One-hundred flights? We think it’s a possibility.