UK, US and Canada intensify travel restrictions on Iranian regime

The UK, US and Canada have decided to work together to intensify travel restrictions on members of the Iranian Government, as part of our efforts to implement international sanctions on Iran.

This co-ordinated action will include steps by the UK to prevent Iranian human rights offenders and individuals connected with the Iranian nuclear programme from entering our country.

Announcing the UK measures, Foreign Secretary, William Hague said:

“Iran continues to seek equipment and components from around the world for its illicit nuclear programme. The United Nations and European Union have already imposed travel and financial restrictions on individuals associated with the nuclear programme. Consistent with these measures, the UK is working closely with its partners to prevent a wide range of individuals connected with Iran’s nuclear enrichment and weaponisation programmes from entering our countries. These include scientists, engineers and those procuring components.”

“We are also taking action against more Iranians who have committed serious human rights abuses, including government ministers, members of the judiciary, prison officials and others associated with the Iranian government’s brutal crackdown on its people since the disputed elections of 2009.”

“The UK is co-ordinating its measures closely with key partners, such as the US and Canada. The message to the Iranian government from the UK and its partners is clear: it needs to change its behaviour before it will be treated as a normal member of the international community.”