Avatar theme park to break boundaries

The blockbuster success of Avatar made left many fans wishing they lived in James Cameron’s fictional world. Whilst they may not be able to visit the real thing, Cameron will be working with Disney to create an Avatar-themed park at Walt Disney World Florida.


The new attraction will be situated within the Animal Kingdom area, with the construction planned to begin in 2013 – costing an estimated $400m.


The director of the major £D movie will help to design the park, which he stated would ‘go beyond current boundaries of technical innovation and experiential storytelling’.


The park will see the planet Pandora created – park visitors will be able to walk through rainforests and ‘experience the oceans’.


The beautiful setting of Avatar will be brought to life using animatronics and 3-D and holographic technology.


‘The scenes that people liked best were not the obvious things like the big battle scenes,’ Mr Cameron said. ‘It was the creatures, it was learning to fly, it was being in the forest at night.


‘So here’s an opportunity…to bring this world to life and get you to wander in it and see things you didn’t see in either in the first film or the subsequent two.’


Adding to the experience visitors will be able to explore new locations, characters and stories planned especially for the park.


Two more Avatar films are currently in the pipe-line, and the new theme park is rumoured to featured animals and characters that will not be revealed to film goers until the second and third movie come out in 2014 and 2015.


The new part of the theme park aims to go beyond current boundaries, bringing the world of Avatar into reality.