Kyoto offers business travellers free Wi-Fi

The Japanese city of Kyoto is to offer business travellers free Wi-Fi access.

Business visitors will be able to access the Internet using free Wi-Fi services available throughout the city. The scheme, considered to be the largest municipal scheme in Japan, is being launched to satisfy the needs of business customers who use smart phones and tablet computers. The service is expected to be a boon to business travellers who visit the city to attend conferences and meetings, as it will allow visitors to have seamless Internet connectivity in the city and will do away with the need for them to search for connectivity.

The project, which has placed routers across Kyoto, will allow users to tap the services of 630 Wi-Fi hotspots. Visitors can enjoy up to three hours of Internet connection for free. The programme, now being implemented as a pilot project, could be expanded to more users if initial results are encouraging.

In a statement, the international marketing manager for the Kyoto Convention Bureau, James Kent, said, ‘The installation of Wi-Fi routers across Kyoto offers big benefits to business visitors. It will meet their growing demands for Internet access by providing them with excellent communication channels in the meeting and events environment. It means they can access online resources throughout Kyoto without gaps in connection, whilst being safe in the knowledge that the connection is secure. Free Wi-Fi access will only enhance delegate experience as on the move applications and the use of mobile devices is playing a more central role in meetings and conferences.’