Over a third of British travellers are safe bet bookers, Skyscanner

A third – over 38 percent – of British travellers considers themselves ‘safe bet bookers,’ according to a survey by leading travel search website Skyscanner.

In trying to understand the booking behaviour of travellers, Skyscanner had identified five distinct flight-booking types. The identification of the booker types also follows Skyscanner’s recent study, which found that the best time to book flights is, on average, five weeks before departure.

The Safe Bet Booker has been identified as one who book his flights as early as possible, reluctant to risk holding off in case flight prices should rise or flights sell out.

The Competitive Booker is one who books if the price looks reasonable, and once booked, he checks every day to see if the rates are still competitive.

The Efficient Booker will book immediately after deciding on the destination, regardless of whether he is getting a good deal and would seldom wait to check prices. Efficient bookers are generally cash rich but time poor.

The Gambler is the risk-taking booker who seeks to get the very best price even if that may mean waiting until the last minute.

The Spontaneous Booker is one who is generally laid back while both booking and on the place to go. He simply books a flight, if it looks good value.

While 38 percent nominated themselves as ‘safe bet bookers,’ only 11 percent of Brits will hold off booking until nearer the time of travelling, identifying themselves as Gamblers. Many more – nearly 29 percent – have identified themselves as competitive bookers, while 12 percent saw themselves as efficient bookers and a further 10 percent identified with the spontaneous booker type.

Skyscanner’s Mary Porter said: ‘This study shows that we all look at booking our flights in very different ways with some competitive types almost seeing it as a game or a challenge while others have a far more laid back approach.

Of course those who have to travel at a particular time are more likely to want to book in advance and we understand that – however our advice would be to track fares by signing up for price alerts, allowing them to see when lowest fares become available.’


Looking for a last minute easter break?

Easter is just around the corner; a time for bunnies, eggs, and family travel. Even though this is originally a religious holiday, much like Christmas it has become a cultural phenomenon that transcends religion. Many cities around the globe host lavish celebrities which draw thousands of tourists every year. If you’re still undecided on where to go, here are some of Auto Europe’s last minute suggestions for Easter.

Seville is always an Easter favourite. The dramatic costumes and the elaborate processions are only the icing on top of the cake. The mysticism surrounding the brotherhoods, as well as the charming traditional mantillas worn by the women of the city make this a unique event that shouldn’t be missed. If you have time for some sightseeing, why not pick up a car hire in Seville and head out into the countryside, making the most of the weather, already warm and sunny this time of year.

Florence is another great option for a quick Easter escapade. A beautiful city at any time of the year, the city is even lovelier dressed up for Easter, and its festivities owe nothing to Seville’s. The high point of Florence festivities is the “Scoppio del Carro”, in which a cart loaded with fireworks is lit, in a rather loud yet amazing show of colour and light.

Portugal also has its fair share of Easter festivities, with one of the most famous being the Holy Week of Braga. Located in the north of the country, this city takes its festivities seriously, and is generally considered to be the “capital” of the Holy Week in this westernmost country of Europe. The whole city is decorated in purple, and there are processions throughout the week, including the famous Procissão da Burrinha (Procession of the Donkey), so called because an image of the Virgin Mary is carried through the streets on the back of a donkey.

Travelling during Easter doesn’t just mean travelling to watch religious festivities however, and due to school holidays this is a great time to travel with the family. Why not pick up a car hire in Nice and enjoy some leisurely days testing the theory that the weather is already warm enough for a bit of sunbathing? Disneyland Paris is also a great place to spend a fun day with the kids. With Auto Europe’s low rates for car hire at over 8,000 locations around the world, the possibilities are endless.

Bag a Bargain with a Last Minute Holiday

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Last Minute Family Holidays: The Good, The Great And The Grand

Whether you jet off to South Beach, cruise to the Caribbean or schedule last minute holidays in a chalet in Spain, enjoying family holidays together can bring people closer than anything else can. Children grow up much too fast, so it’s important for parents to set aside quality time to spend with them. Exploring the world’s best vacation destinations together is a great way to do it.

South Beach is a popular vacation destination. First head to Collins Avenue to see the colorful Art Deco buildings and the other amazing South Beach landmarks. Next sample the spicy ethnic cooking and watch the surfers and beautiful people as they frolic in the warm waters and milk white sands. As the sun sets visit Washington Avenue where people party like rock stars. Finally, relax at your hotel. The right hotel can take your family holidays to another level. The Ritz-Carlton South Beach with their ocean front location, suites mimicking a yacht’s stateroom, upscale dining and elevated pool with private cabanas are an experience your family will never forget. The Setai, W South Beach and the Mandarin Oriental Miami also offer luxury, fantastic ocean views and top quality amenities.

The tropical climate, excellent beaches, warm waters, brilliant sunshine and cool Trade Winds draw many people looking for unique family holidays to the Caribbean. For last minute holidays Jamaica is ideal. The Half Moon A Rock Resort in Montego Bay offers villa holidays on their 400 acre landscaped beachfront grounds. Each villa has a pool and private staff. You can explore the beach, swim in their exclusive natural Dolphin Lagoon, play golf or tennis and Jet Ski, water ski, and parasail to your hearts content. The experience at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Moon Dance Villas in Negril and Sandals Royal Plantation will also leave the whole family saying: ‘Jamaica, Jamaica!’

There is no better place for family holidays than Spain. In this land bordering the Mediterranean Sea you can relax in the lap of luxury at places like the Hotel Arts Barcelona, Barceló Sancti Petri Spa Resort in Cadiz, The Westin Palace Madrid and the Gran Hotel la Perla in Pamplona. All of these feature furniture, food and fun fit for a king. The rooms are spacious and well appointed, the service is superb and the culture, climate and character of the inhabitants will make you wish your family holidays never had to end.