State government planning it big for Mathura

The state government of Uttar Pradesh in India is planning for a big tourism investment in Mathura.

The government has announced a plan to invest INR500m for developing Mathura, which is a religious hot spot for Hindus in the nation and outside. With the increase in the influx of tourists into Mathura, cleanliness has taken a big hit and the local administration has been woefully inadequate in coping with the increase in numbers. Now, the government of the state has taken the initiative to clean up the city, which draws many tourists from around the world. There are also plans to enhance infrastructure in the city to cater to the increase in the number of tourists.

Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav visited the city on Saturday and saw first hand how the local administration was finding it difficult to manage the tourist destination according to international standards. After touring Mathura and Vrindavan, two of the most visited tourist spots in the state, the chief minister said, ‘Cleanliness is a must in this area and all paraphernalia required for this should be arranged. The place invites scores of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world and therefore, it is important to keep the place presentable.’ He was speaking after inaugurating a community kitchen in the city.

For long, tourists and tour operators have been complaining about the lack of proper civic amenities in the city. However, the local administration had reportedly not been listening, and as the number of complaints increased, the state government had to intervene. The chief minister said that the money would be used to improve tourist and pilgrim facilities in Mathura-Vrindavan-Govardhan.

The chief minister also said that the administration would use the opportunity to replace the dilapidated old bridge across the Yamuna, a river that attracts millions of tourists each year. In addition, funds would also be used to beautify public tanks and ponds.