Emirates sponsors Tyne and Wear Metro

Emirates airline, an air carrier based in Dubai, United Arab emirates, has announced that it is sponsoring the Newcastle Metro, a light rail/rapid transport system that serves the Newcastle and Gateshead area.

The sponsorship, in the form of a promotional travel advert that will be displayed on the outside of four Metrocar compartments, will run for one year. From May, the two carriages that comprise each of the four adverts will feature 56 metres of Emirates’ ‘Hello Tomorrow’ promotional format, with images of destinations to which the airline operates flights from Newcastle International Airport.

The airline is also promoting destinations that include Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand on 32 internal carriage cards that will be displayed in each car.

Vice president of Emirates for the UK, Laurie Berryman, said, ‘Emirates’ branding of the Metro demonstrates our continued investment in the North East and showcases it as a key regional hub. Sitting on a train during a commute is the ideal time to plan future getaways and we hope the wrap provides some destination inspiration for our passengers as they consider their next Emirates flight from Newcastle International Airport.

‘We are the only long-haul, scheduled airline to fly daily from Newcastle to Dubai and beyond, allowing our North Eastern passengers to experience long-haul travel from Newcastle, rather than having to change in London or a continental European hub.

‘Our commitment to the North East includes Emirates’ sponsorship of Durham County Cricket Club and the recent upgrade of our daily flight to Dubai to a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, due to passenger demand. This is the longest aircraft to operate out of Newcastle airport, and represented a capacity increase of more than 50 per cent as well as an upgraded service for all passengers.’