World Mobi Launches Mobile City Guide Apps for London ahead of 2012 Games

With the eyes of travel industry trained on London this summer for the 2012 Olympics Games, a mobile web development company, World Mobi, is offering its mobile guide to the city.

London.Mobi city guide is offering visitors to the city all of the information required to plan their trips, including visits to popular attractions and sites, available tours, restaurants, accommodation and transportation. The mobile app is available to download for free across all mobile platforms for visitors to London.

Kelly Footit, head of development at World Group, said, ‘As the world’s attention shifts to London as it hosts its third Olympic Games, this free mobile travel guide means visitors are just a few clicks away from top things to do in the destination.

In recent weeks, London has emerged as the largest free wireless zone in Europe with an increasing number of free Wi-Fi hotspots available, which means users can download this innovative guide quickly and without hassle.’

With the city expecting an influx of around 450,000 tourists and sports fans every day, Oxford Economics estimates that 450,000 will be staying in the city and there will be 5.5 million day visitors, during the Games, so the city is likely to be bursting at the seams during the period.

Traffic around the Games venues is expected to be particularly slow, and there may be serious bottlenecks at key points in the city due to the increased traffic. The availability of various navigational tools such as route planners and city guides should prove useful to visitors. expands mobile offering with new travel applications

India-based travel portal and travel conglomerate,, has announced that it will be offering mobile applications to travellers that are also tech savvy.

The firm said that it would be offering new travel planning and management applications that can be run on the customers’ smart phones. The applications, which are free of charge, can be run on Android and iPhone devices. Until now, the company’s application would only run only on the Blackberry format. The firm expects to reach a large percentage of its customers with the release of the new app versions.

The firm said that the application allows customers to search for and book flights and perform other critical functions when travelling. It emphasised the application’s security features, because customer details are stored on the device and than a centralised server. To enhance its convenience, the application only needs to be provided with pertinent, recurring data, on one occasion. It also provides additional travel solutions, such as viewing booking details, making cancellations, requesting e-tickets and tracking refunds.

The company also said that the application’s GPS capabilities would help customers to find restaurants that are close to their travel destination. In addition, transactions made using the application are supported by the credit and debit cards of all of the major banks in India. The software also provides flight alerts in real time.

Amit Somani, chief products officer at, said, ‘India is amongst the top five countries in the world in mobile search queries, growing at 170 percent, year-on-year. MakeMyTrip became one of the top five most downloaded travel apps in India with only the Blackberry app on offer. This overwhelming response encouraged us to extend our product offering to other popular mobile platforms. With this launch, all smartphone users will now be able to have a seamless experience with MakeMyTrip through their devices.’