Montreal’s no-swim beach becoming popular

Launched on June 14 this year, the new Clock Tower Beach, a ‘no-swim’ beach in Montreal, has been attracting large numbers of visitors.

A beach that does not allow swimming sounds like a strange concept, but people are believed to be visiting the attraction to escape the buzz of the city. Those that visit the white sand beach can sit back and pick out city landmarks and watch the activity on the St. Lawrence River. Visitors can see the old Molson brewery, the steel trusses of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, and La Ronde, the city’s offshore amusement park, against the city skyline.

Authorities have banned swimming at the beach because of the strong currents on the lake. Sunbathers can however have access to refreshing mist showers to make up for not having access to the water. The beach does also have some safe pools where visitors can paddle in the waters.

The beach is located on a quay at the city’s Old Port, and the destination was named after the giant clock tower that stands at the water’s edge. There is also an adjacent marina that houses a few motorboats and yachts.

Visitors that visit the beach can take walks on the boardwalk or visit Old Montreal, which is a shopping treat for foodies, art experts and curio hunters. Other attractions include boat cruises, caleche rides, a child-friendly science centre, and a Cirque du soleil performance.

The beach also has a refreshment stand in the evening, and is open every day until September 2, between 10.30am and 7.30pm.


Renovated Ritz Carlton Montreal To Reopen On May 28

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal Hotel in Montreal, Canada, will be reopening on May 28, 2012, after completing an extensive renovation project.

The USD200 million restoration project has been completed with the aim of recapturing the glory days of the hotel, which has remained a period icon with the people of the city.

Andrew Torriani, the president and general manager of hotel, said, ‘We are extremely proud to reopen this emblem of the very best Montreal has to offer. ‘The hotel today is a showcase of modern luxury, but it has not lost the discreet charm of the past or the patina of history.’

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal is currently offering 98 rooms and 31 suites, including the luxurious 4,700-square-foot, Royal Suite. The current restoration project has preserved the building’s facade, as well as its lobby, the Palm Court, the Oval Room and the famous garden, maintaining many of its early twentieth century decorative details.

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal, which originally opened in 1912, can also provide 10,000 square feet of meeting space, three dining venues, an indoor pool and a fitness centre.

The mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay, said, ‘The Ritz-Carlton is reclaiming its rightful place here in Montreal and among the guests who stay there. Since it opened in 1912, the hotel has been one of the most elegant addresses in our city and the jewel of the storied Golden Square Mile, close to high-end boutiques, galleries and museums. Our city has changed a great deal-for the better. The reopening of The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal makes a notable contribution to what makes our city different.’