Taiwan expects wave of tourists for Moon Festival

Taiwan is expecting a significant number of tourists for its Moon Festival.

Authorities are busy preparing facilities for tourists arriving for the festival, especially visitors from the mainland. It is expected that more than 200,000 mainland tourists will visit Taiwan during the festival period. The festival, which is to be held in the middle of autumn, has already received plenty of prior attention from tourists who have been booking their tickets for the event in advance.

Travel agencies have reported an increase in bookings for the festival, with a growing number of people eager to take part in the festivities, especially the barbecue events. This year, the influx of Chinese tourists is expected to be higher because the state has allowed people to travel individually to Taiwan. For many Chinese, Taiwan is high on their list of places to visit, and the relaxation of the rules has provided them with the opportunity.

In order to capitalise on the demand, many travel companies are now offering barbecue events on their itineraries. Travel companies are also offering traditional dinners, with eating-out experiences and dining events near Sun Moon Lake, a favourite pastime for Chinese travellers. Tourists are also keen to take part in activities, such as releasing sky lanterns in the Pingxi District of New Taipei City.

With the increase in demand, rates for travel and the overall cost for Taiwan-bound trips for the upcoming holiday have increased by 5 percent. The infrastructure in Taiwan is also being improved to cater for more tourists.

This year, the festival falls on September 30.