London’s hologram museum to allow tourists perform live with their idols

Tourists and music fans in London will soon be able to share a stage and perform ‘live’ with their musical idols, even those that are no longer alive, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The new 40,000 sq.ft museum in north London, which is set to open in 18 months time, will offer tourists the chance to perform with some of music’s biggest ever icons.

Located in Camden’s Stables market, the new Music Hall of Fame will have a 4D attraction where music fans can pick up a guitar and perform with Jimi Hendrix, or with Freddie Mercury in the Live Aid concert of 1985. Following the performance with their idols, fans can take away a DVD of their experience.

The programme will use hologram technology and an ‘old Victorian parlour trick’ known as Pepper’s Ghost, a technique that involves beaming high definition video images into a mirrored glass box to create a ‘3D space’ and give the appearance of a real person. The technique was used in California’s Coachella Festival in 2012, when the audience was treated to a hologram of dead rapper, Tupac Shakur, during a live performance by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Music entrepreneur, Lee Bennett, the driving force behind the museum, said: ‘You could be transported back to a specific moment of music or play with artists who are no longer alive, even playing back-to-back with a hologram.’ He added: ‘I was at Coachella watching Tupac and it blew people’s minds.’

Interactivity is key to the museum, and Mr Bennett reportedly told the Camden Review: ‘We’ll have a working studio where people can learn to play instruments. The museum will be educational, there will be some memorabilia but the key thing will be transporting back to moments in music and playing with different artists. It will also serve as a UK Hall of Fame and there will also be a Hard Rock Cafe-style restaurant.’

The mayor of Camden, Jonathan Simpson, said: ‘You can go and perform with your favourite bands – you can be up there with Nirvana, you can be up there with Morrissey on stage.’

UK museums to open for night visits in May

For three nights in May, a large number of the UK’s art and museum attractions will be opening their doors to night visitors.

Conjuring images of the spooky goings-on in Hollywood’s Night at the Museum movie franchise, Britain’s museums will be welcoming late night guests for two nights between May 16 and 18. The special event is part of a Europe-wide initiative, La Nuit des Musees, which has now also been adopted by Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Germany after being conceived in France in 2005.

The event is not limited to museums, but will also include some observatories, stately homes and botanical gardens in the UK and on the continent.

While openings will be taking place in many locations all across the country, the north of England has particularly embraced the event, with the Lancashire region, Newcastle and Liverpool all offering a range of options over the two nights. Lancashire has scheduled 20 events with a local history theme for its ‘Festival of Wonders’, while 50 museums and galleries will be opening in the Newcastle area to host special events for its ‘Late Shows’, and Liverpool’s ‘Light Night’ will see many of the city’s arts and historical venues staying open until the early hours.

Not to be outdone by the north of England, London will also be hosting a number of events, while in Scotland, Edinburgh’s offering has adopted a dinosaur theme. Top artists from across the UK are also signing up to take part in special events to mark the occasion.

Hilton Athens Offers Vacations to Experience Greek Culture

Hilton Athens hotel, a luxury hotel in Athens, Greece, has announced that it has collaborated with the city’s museums to offer its guests a new Cultural Weekend for Two vacation.

Greecehas always been a favourite with travellers because of its rich artistic legacy and major archaeological discoveries dating back to ancient times, when the Greek civilisation was known as the cradle of western civilisation. Although plagued by economic downturns,Greece still draws a huge number of international tourists every year.

Celebrating its Greek heritage, the luxury hotel is offering its guests complimentary entrance for two people to six of the top Greek museums, including the Acropolis Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum, the Benaki Museum on Piraeus Street and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Bart van de Winkel, the hotel general manager for Hilton Athens, said, ‘We are delighted that some of the most important museums in the country are involved in our new cultural package, which will encourage guests to visit and enjoy the many different aspects of Greek culture from antiquity until today. This package is part of Hilton Athens’ wider interest and commitment to art and culture.’

The hotel is offering holiday packages, which include accommodation for two nights, daily breakfast, complimentary tickets to the city museums, and access to the indoor pool, fitness room and sauna of the Hiltonia Spa, which is located in the hotel. The offer also includes a 10 percent saving at the gift shops in the Acropolis Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum. The holiday packages are priced from EUR249.