5 unique and memorable types of holiday

Why continue to repeat the same type of holiday as everyone else when you can just as easily create a unique and memorable holiday? Choose from any number of lesser-known ideas to ensure you avoid the travel masses and to create memories to last a lifetime. You might consider a narrowboat holiday or even tour the underground cities of the ancient world. Whichever adventure you choose, you will not regret your decision.

Narrowboat Holidays

Narrowboat holidays offer unexpected adventures for all. The intricate network of winding rivers and canals spread throughout the whole of the UK and offer relaxing time with your friends or family. You might sleep under the stars if the weather permits or if not stay snug and warm below deck. You will encounter a variety of friendly faces along your travels, navigate locks and bridges, explore quaint English villages, enjoy lavish countryside abundant with wildlife or stop off at canal-side pubs all in a day’s journey. One highly appealing aspect to this holiday is that you never know what you will encounter from one day to the next.

Underground Cities

Throughout the times of empires and war over the centuries, many societies built underground as a form of protection. One of the best examples of an ancient underground world created by centuries of settlers is in Cappadocia, Turkey. You will see the cultural and societal advances the further into the ground you explore. The most detailed network was completed by the early Christians who went into hiding to avoid persecution, as they were not yet accepted as a proper religion. Although you wouldn’t want to spend your entire holiday underground, it certainly makes for a memorable excursion.

Volunteer at a Wildlife Reserve

You might also consider giving something back to society whist discovering a new culture. Many wildlife reserves now offer volunteer programs. Such programs allow you to make a difference with your free time, as well as to interact on a more personal level with local communities. You are also able to take several days to explore the region as you see fit.

Explore the Great Canyons

In the US, the state of Arizona is home to two awe-inspiring canyons. The Grand Canyon is the largest of its kind and words can never do this epic place justice, you just need to see it for your own eyes. You are able to take a trek or take a donkey to the base of the canyon and spend days and nights camping and exploring the wonderment which awaits you. If you make this journey, you should not miss out on exploring Antelope Canyon. This canyon may actually be preferred by most. The walls of these canyons will create a sensation as if you are walking inside a painting.


An African safari is one of the most memorable holidays any person will experience. You might camp in the wilderness or to stay in a rustic cabin if you prefer. These safaris can be as basic or as elegant as you prefer. You will get the opportunity to see the ‘Big Five’ – the most majestic creatures on the planet, as you set out on this adventure of a lifetime.

Summer Cruises May Be Restricted as Drought Affects Britain’s Waterways

Britain’s holidaymakers may have to alter their summer itineraries, as British Waterways, a UK government navigation authority for England, Scotland and Wales, may restrict the use of certain waterways and canals.

The canals and waterways are facing severe drought conditions, and the authorities have been forced to restrict water transportation on around 245 miles of its national network, with partial or total restriction of the waterways in places.

For holidaymakers, this may translate into changes in summer water cruise itineraries, with areas of Britain’s scenic waterways being blocked across the Midlands and the south. While the authorities have restricted traffic in some areas, certain places may be closed completely. Areas affected include parts of the Grand Union Canal, which links London to Birmingham, including the Leicester Line, and the Northampton and Aylesbury arms; as well as parts of the Oxford Canal in Warwickshire, and the Kennet and Avon Canal, at Bath, Somerset.

Tim Parker, chairman of the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators (APCO), an association of companies offering transportation on navigable canals and rivers in Britain, said, ‘The boating trade is pleased that British Waterways has put in place the plans to help protect water supplies and in turn our customers canal holiday and boat trips. Around the majority of the inland waterways network it is business as usual as the industry prepares for the boating season; water supplies are adequate and no overnight closures are envisaged across the vast majority of the network. APCO’s pleasure boat operators have experienced some extraordinary years with water supply difficulties before.’

The water shortages will also impact on the growing numbers of people who live on the waterways permanently. There are approximately thirty thousand boat owners in Britain, and more than one thousand- eight hundred boats available for hire.

Two dry winters in a row are blamed for the current stringent water restrictions.