Jet2 expands New York programme from Manchester and Newcastle Airports for next winter and Jet2CityBreaks, the UK-based travel and holiday company, has expanded its number of direct New York flights operating from Manchester and Newcastle Airports for next winter.

In total, there are seven additional trips now on sale from Manchester Airport, timed for holidaymakers looking for a Christmas experience in New York. The new trips announced from Manchester Airport will depart on November 29, December 2, December 9, December 13 and December 16, in addition to a Christmas in New York special on December 22 and New Year in New York trip on December 28.

These extra services are in addition to the existing programme of trips and services from Manchester Airport, which include a Black Friday trip departing on November 27, as well as Christmas Shopping and Winter in New York trips on November 30, December 4, December 7, December 11, December 14 and December 18.

From Newcastle Airport, there are now five trips on sale, timed for holidaymakers looking to celebrate Thanksgiving, as well as experience the festive season in the city. The full programme of four-night trips means flights depart from Newcastle Airport on November 22, November 26, December 3, December 6 and December 17.

Further, Jet2 has introduced a total of 27 New York trips from across six of its UK bases for Winter 20, with over 8,500 departing seats on sale in total. In addition to the flights with, there are package city-breaks for sale with Jet2CityBreaks across 3-5 star hotels in central New York locations.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2CityBreaks said: ‘Next winter’s programme of once-in-a-lifetime specials to New York are proving to be extremely popular, so we have responded to that by doubling the number of trips on sale from Manchester Airport, and adding another fantastic trip from Newcastle Airport. This means we have 14 magical trips to New York on sale from Manchester next winter, and five trips on sale from Newcastle. With Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday and Thanksgiving covered, holidaymakers have never had so much choice when it comes to getting to the Big Apple at this special time of year.’

Brazilians are New Year party favourites

The nationality that the rest of the world wants to party with at New Year are Brazilians, according to the findings of a recent survey.

The survey, which was carried out by, a social network site that has 168 million users in more than 180 countries, and which claims to offer a platform for chatting, dating, and meeting new people, was conducted with 17,000 people from 17 countries. It asked which nationality the rest of the world would most like to share their New Year celebrations with. Brazilians emerged as the clear favourites, followed in order by Americans, Spaniards, Italians and French. Belgians and Swiss took the bottom two positions.

Reuters quoted Badoo director, Louise Thompson, as saying, ‘This seems harsh on the Swiss and Belgians, but I can understand that most people would rather celebrate New Year’s Eve on a beach in Brazil than by huddling against the cold in northern Europe.’

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro celebrates the New Year with a massive firework display above Copacabana Beach, and over one million revellers take to the streets in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo.

Australia will be among the first countries to celebrate the New Year, with a firework display around its famous Sydney harbour. Then 2013 will be welcomed in a succession of countries and across all continents as the midnight deadline moves around the globe. London will commence its celebrations a full 11 hours after Sydney, and New York’s revelries will begin five hours later still.


Top Ten Most Popular New Year Destinations Includes London

London features among top ten locales that US travellers are flocking to for a Christmas vacation.

This Christmas, travellers are reportedly opting for traditional cities known for their Christmas revelries, rather than exotic locations, to celebrate the festival and ring in the New Year.

According to US based discount travel site,, the top ten most popular destinations to ring in the New Year for US travellers are Orlando, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York City, New York; Miami, Florida; San Francisco, California; London, England; San Diego, California; Los Angeles, California; and New Orleans, Louisiana. London is the sole non-US city featured in the list.

According to the UK-based newspaper, the Guardian, the favourite countries which are drawing Christmas travellers across the world are United Kingdom; United States; France; Italy; Spain; Germany; Turkey; Japan; China; India; Netherlands; Switzerland; Canada; Austria; and Hong Kong.

Japanese news magazine, Japan Today, has listed its top ten holiday destinations for this vacation as San Juan, in Puerto Rico; New York in US; Bondi Beach, Sydney; Santa Claus, Indiana, US; Nuremberg, in Germany; New Orleans, in US; Tokyo, in Japan; Amsterdam, in The Netherlands; Aspen in US; and Lapland, Finland.

Clem Bason, the president of the Hotwire Group, said, ‘Booking trends show that travellers are opting for warm weather backdrops for their New Year’s Eve celebrations alongside the bigger, more traditional celebration cities. Although travellers can never go wrong ringing in the New Year in iconic places like New York or Las Vegas, some of the best deals and great experiences can be found in cities like Orlando, Chicago and San Diego, where you can stay over the holiday for under $100 per night.’

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of New Year In The UK

New Year is a magical holiday all over the world, and we in the UK definitely know how to mark the occasion in style. Wherever you are and however you see it in, there’s nothing quite like hearing the chimes of Big Ben announcing the start of another year, indulging in a collective off-key sing-along of Auld Lang Syne, and embracing your loved ones in celebration.

Whether for you, New Year is the perfect time to go wild and indulge before the January resolutions begin, or if you’d much rather just take the time to truly relax and kick back, here are a few suggestions for making the celebrations go off with a bang.

  • EAT, DRINK, AND BE LUCKY. Take advantage of celebrating on home turf by enjoying a meal with friends and family. Many restaurants across the country will offer special deals or menus on New Years Day, so there’s plenty of reason to treat yourself with a special meal. Try embracing some New Year traditions from other cultures in your choice of cuisine. Legumes and cooked greens, for example, are consumed in Denmark, Italy, and the southern US because of their associations with good fortune. In Spain, Portugal and Cuba, revellers eat pork because it is thought to symbolize progress. Just don’t indulge in lobster on New Years if you want to avoid bad luck!
  • DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. If you’re tired of the standard festivities offered by winter breaks, why not take part in something a little bit out of the ordinary for your New Year? Discover some of the strange local celebrations taking place across the country. In Allendale, Northumbria, you can join the bizarre Allendale Baal parade, thought to have originated as an ancient pagan ritual, where town-dwellers carry flaming whiskey barrels full of tar through the streets. In Orkney, Scotland, on New Year’s Day you can witness the traditional Kirkwall Ba football game in the town fiercely fought between the ‘Uppies and Doonies’. Or head to Cornwall, where the streets close for the night in St Ives, and scores of residents in fancy dress take over, parading along the harbour front and often continuing the party on the beach after midnight.
  • LIVEN UP. For those who love a big city New Year, the UK is home to two of the largest celebrations in the world: London and Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Hogmanay attracts visitors from all across the globe, and on the night itself hosts a street party and a huge concert next to Edinburgh Castle, while a breath-taking firework display lights up the sky. London is full to the brim with New Years nights throughout the city to get stuck into, or get wrapped up warm and head to to the South Bank with plenty of time to spare to see the fireworks at midnight.
  • WIND DOWN. If you want to give the city crowds a wide berth and seek out some serenity, short breaks in the countryside are ideal. Explore local landscapes and enchanting winter woodlands on a New Years holiday in areas of outstanding beauty, such as Cumbria or Wiltshire – ideal if you’re travelling with family or children.  An escape to the country, while peaceful, doesn’t need to be boring either; plenty of resorts and holiday villages offer their own range of seasonal entertainment. All the fun of a city New Year, but in idyllic rural surroundings.
  • BE ENTERTAINED. With plenty of weird and wonderful events taking place across the UK on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Try taking a river cruise along the Thames, or attending a masquerade ball or medieval-themed banquet. A murder mystery dinner is one thrilling way to celebrate. Get up early New Year’s Day to enjoy the London Parade if you’re spending the holidays in the capital – or if you’re a little worn own from the previous night’s frivolities stay in with friends and family, snuggle up on the sofa and watch some good old New Year’s Day television.