2014 set to be the year of the ‘ultimate getaway’ for British holidaymakers

2014 is set to be the year of the ‘ultimate getaway’ for British travellers, according to research by Norwegian Cruise Line.

The survey, which questioned over 2,000 respondents across the UK, also revealed the habits and preferences of British holidaymakers. The nation’s most unusual requests and quirks include taking tea bags (26.5 percent) and slippers (24 percent), while nearly 6 percent of British women take their childhood teddy in their luggage.

Escaping the British weather is the foremost reason for holidaymakers wanting to ‘get away’, with nearly 40 percent of respondents looking for warmer destinations like the Caribbean.

6 percent of travellers are looking to escape their neighbours, and 1 in 20, or 5 percent, want a break from their partner.

With 2013 having been a year of austerity and more ‘ordinary’ holidays, one in five British holidaymakers, 19.7 percent, are planning a special or big trip abroad this year, and a further 44 percent are planning to ‘get away’ at some point this year.

Other odd travel quirks include the fact that almost one in five (18 percent) of British travellers avoid the number 13 in their seat number, hotel room or floor number, as well as wearing the same outfit every time they travel.

Francis Riley, vice president and general manager, international, at Norwegian Cruise Line, said ‘British holidaymakers appreciate being able to explore new experiences on holidays, however like to have their home comforts and traditions with them as well.

‘Norwegian Cruise Line’s innovative Freestyle Cruising means that every traveller, every family, can enjoy their holiday however they like, with the flexibility to do and see what they want when they want to. Norwegian Getaway offers 28 dining options, along with Broadway shows, exciting excursions and the largest aqua park at sea ensuring that every guest will enjoy an individual holiday that suits them.’

The survey findings coincide with the launch of Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest ship, Norwegian Getaway, this January, travelling year-round from its home-port of Miami to the Caribbean.