JetBlue facilitates pet travel

JetBlue has announced the launch of a pass that will allow pets on board its flights.

The air carrier has launched a new pass called ‘All-Your-Pet-Can-Jet’. The offer will allow the company’s customers to travel with their pets on board without having to pay out extra fees. This will enable passengers who are apprehensive about leaving their pets at home to take them on a vacation and enjoy the holiday with their companion at their side.

The airline’s offer is as follows; for USD299, customers can bring one pet with them. It is a requirement that the pet that accompanies the traveller needs to conform with JetBlue’s carry-on size and weight regulations for pets. The pet accompanying the customers can travel on any JetBlue flights between September 7 and December 31, and there are no holiday blackout dates. Without the new pet pass, each individual flight that the pet takes with its owner would be charged at USD100.

To benefit from the offer, pet lovers that do not want to be separated from their pets have until September 5 to buy a pass, which may be purchased directly at The company has placed certain restrictions on such passes, one being that routes to Saint Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica are excluded from the facility. Pets also need to have all their veterinary paper work in order to be allowed on flights. It is also believed that only four-legged pets will be allowed.

To make the pet pass worthwhile, customers will have to fly on more than three one-way trips with their pets before the end of the year.


Best Western Launches First Pet Hotline in UK

Best Western, an independent hotel brand in the UK, has announced the launch of the nation’s first pet hotline.

The hotel brand is offering a dedicated Pet Hotline for its guests travelling with pets, after seeing an increase in its animal guests of around 900 percent year-on-year.

The hotel company has been cited many times for its pet-friendly customer service, and the new Dog ‘n’ Bone hotline will be handling all queries from guests travelling with their dogs and cats.

The hotline will also be handling all reservations for guests vacationing with their pets at Best Western’s 112 pet-friendly hotels worldwide, as searches for hotels with pet-friendly policies have increased by 50 percent in the last 24 months.

Best Western director of marketing, Tim Wade, said, ‘An increasing number of people are staying at home and taking staycation holidays and looking for destinations where they can take their pets with them.

This, on the back of a huge 900% increase in enquiries for pet-and-owner rooms at our hotels, means we are providing a service which there is clearly a large call for.

The Pet Hotline is the obvious next step. We are able to easily match guests and their pets with a suitable hotel in the location where they wish to stay. It’s the first of its kind in Britain.

Our award-winning pet friendly hotels have rooms specifically for guests with pets. Selected hotels in the group have even designated specific sections and buildings as ‘canine corridors’ to ensure that everyone can enjoy their dogs without imposing them on those who are less keen.’

British Travellers Miss Their Pets On Vacation

Britain may well be a ‘pet mad’ nation, says travel comparison website TravelSupermarket.

British travellers are keen to travel with their pets in the upcoming bank holidays, with 32 percent of the respondents of a recent study opting for pet friendly travel. In fact Brits miss their pets so much that they would rather take their pets on a vacation than their family members, given a choice, says the report.

Around 13 percent of British travellers responded that they would choose their pet over their partner on a holiday, while 10 percent would prefer to take their pet on holiday over their children, if they had a choice.

Around 47 percent of the pet owners said that when they leave their family they miss their pets; while around 33 percent of travellers said they miss their pets more than their immediate family.

TravelSupermarket travel expert, Bob Atkinson, said, ‘We all know that Brits love their pets and this research has found that many pet owners are happy to admit we actually miss our furry friends more than we miss immediate family and friends when we are away.

It’s never been easier to travel with your cat or dog thanks to the recent relaxation of DEFRA quarantine laws and the accessibility of ‘pet passports’. The rules do vary slight by country and pet, but generally your pet will need to be micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies in order to gain a pet passport, avoiding the need for beloved animals sitting in quarantine for lengthy periods of time when travelling between countries.’

Pet Owners Believe in Travelling with Pets

Summer vacation travel that is synonymous with travelling with families, also increasingly means travelling with pets.

Around half of pet owners surveyed by, a pet travel and pet transportation service provider, will be travelling with their pets this summer. In its third annual Summer Pet Travel Survey the company said that 47 percent of pet owners would be going on holiday with their pets this summer, while another 40 percent have plans to travel with their pets in 2013.

Around 25 percent of people that were questioned will be travelling with their cats, while 85 percent of the dog owners will be travelling with their family canines. In comparison, around 58 percent of pet owners had travelled with dogs – and 22 percent with cats – in 2011.

While pet owners are enthusiastic about travelling with their animals, there is an apparent lack of pet-friendly hotels at most travel destinations, say the people surveyed. Around 40 percent of respondents said that there are not sufficient numbers of pet-friendly hotels to decide from, while 17 percent of the respondents felt that hotel fees and an even greater shortage of pet-friendly airlines are major deterrents to travelling with pets.

Although 12 percent of pet owners surveyed felt airline pet fees are too high, this is considerably lower than the figure of 18 percent in 2011.

Safety factors seem to weigh the concerns of pet owners while planning a vacation with pets, as stated by around 60 percent of the respondents. Around 25 percent have stated convenience as top priority while travelling with pets, and price is the major concern with 15 percent of those surveyed.

Flying With Pets: Which Airlines are Best?

Last week’s American Airlines puppy disaster has prompted an evaluation of how airlines treat and handle pets. The airline has been blamed for the death of seven puppies, all of which were stored in the aircraft’s pressurized and temperature regulated cargo hold. It’s raised some serious questions for those of us that prefer to travel with pets, most obviously – which airline treats animals safely?

American Airlines has spoken directly to several media outlets, claiming that it recommends owners of short-nosed animals such as puppies or young kittens avoid flying with their pets. Due to changes in pressure and temperature while at air, many animals can develop breathing problems while in the storage area of a commercial airliner, leading to discomfort and occasional death.

Surprisingly, it was low-cost airline JetBlue that topped recent polls of satisfaction amongst travel gurus and pet owners. The survey, carried out by online pet website, covered major commercial airlines throughout the United States. JetBlue was ranked highly due to its treatment of animals and limited fees for small household pets, particularly cats and dogs.

Taking a slightly less convenient first place was PetAirways, a speciality airline built for pet owners and animal breeders. The airline does not offer travel to humans, instead housing only animals in its fleet of specially designed and furnished planes. Animals travelling on the airline are granted toilet breaks and individual caged areas inside the plane’s primary cabin.

While the levels of comfort on offer inside a PetAirways cabin are unparalleled, they do come at a significantly higher price to that offered on standard commercial airlines. Animal organisations are treating JetBlue as the airline of choice for household pets and smaller animals, giving the airline a recommendation for its humane treatment and spotless animal safety record.