London City Airport celebrates ’50 years of Private Jet’

London City Airport is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the private jet in association with private jet booking service,

As part of the celebrations, the airport is exhibiting the winning images from a recent photography competition launched by PrivateFly. The photography exhibition – 50 Years of the Private Jet – will be on show from November 28 at London City Airport’s main passenger terminal, in the upstairs departures area. Airport visitors can view the exhibition before security.

The exhibition will show the winners in the categories of Ground, Air, Detail, Speed and Crew. The judging panel was comprised of prominent names in aviation and travel photography, including Jessica Ambats, Craig Easton and Nick Meers.

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, commented: ‘We have launched this exhibition as a stunning, visual celebration of the private jet – an iconic symbol recognised as the pinnacle of air travel. It has been 50 years since the 1963 maiden flight of the Lear Jet in the USA and the next 50 will see many exciting innovations, from biofuels to supersonic private jets.

‘London City is the perfect location for the exhibition – Europe’s most efficient and impressive private jet airport, with a unique ‘heart of London’ location.

‘It’s a great opportunity to showcase private jet travel to a wider London audience.’

Darren Grover, chief operating officer at London City Airport, said: ‘We are proud to serve London’s business community, whether they fly by airline or private aviation. Private jets have been a very visible part of life at LCY since the Jet Centre opened in 2002, serving everyone from business people and politicians to celebrities and royalty. We are delighted to mark this milestone in private jet travel.’

Paramount calls on customers to book their private jets early

Based on a report stating that the availability of private jets would be scarce in the coming holidays, Paramount Business Jets is encouraging customers to book their jets early to avoid a last-minute rush during the holidays.

The report said that more people who can afford it would opt for private jets for their travel during the holidays. The rush for private jets is to peak during the months of November and December, and up to the second week of January. It is expected that during this time about 90 percent of all private jet fliers in the US would be flying at least once, and this will put a strain on availability during the peak season.

The report also suggested that each year, operators owning fractional ownership fleets create the greatest strain on the charter industry. Such fractionally owned jets typically have between four and eight shares of ownership on the same aircraft, and when the demand increases operators are hard pushed to service the high demand. Another issue is jet card members who expect to book the same aircraft during these dates.

Eric Ammon, senior VP of Sales and Services at Paramount Business Jets, said, ‘Our experience has been that by the end of September, 80 percent of all availability has already disappeared.’ Holiday fliers who are planning to take the family on vacation need to book early to prevent last minute disappointments, he said.

He also indicated that early booking provides clients with better aircraft equipment and competitive pricing due to aircraft availability and market competition.

Ammon said, ‘Waiting till just weeks before a high flying time like during the upcoming holiday season to book an aircraft will mean having to pay for an aircraft to fly in from another airport just to start any given trip. Chartering a private jet in NY one can expect zero availability at local airports.’

Paramount Business Jets claims to provide access to 15,000 of the world’s newest jets, VIP airliners and helicopters.

London Southend Airport Partners With Private Jet Operator Landmark Aviation

London Southend Airport, an airport in the UK, has announced that business jet operator, Landmark Aviation, will be operating services out of the airport.

Landmark Aviation, a fixed-base operator of business jets, with 52 bases in the USA, Canada and France, will be operating out of London Southend Airport from the summer of 2012.

The company will be using the new and exclusive business jet facilities at the Airport, to provide its customers with quick access to the Olympic Park at Stratford in East London and most other destinations in the city of London. The airport is linked with the Olympic Park at Stratford by a direct mainline rail connection, and has the benefit of a new railway station for its passengers.

Alastair Welch, the managing director of the airport, said, ‘Our shared passion for excellent customer service, plus the airport’s new facilities coupled with the global reach of the Landmark network means that Southend is going to be introduced to a wide range of customers who will value the service and benefits we can offer over other London airports this summer.’

The chief executive officer of Landmark Aviation, Dan Bucaro, said, ‘We look forward to introducing our clients to Southend airport and to ensuring they receive the best possible welcome and service when they fly to the UK this summer – whether for the Olympics or any other reason.

We’ve seen the airport facilities first hand and believe that they represent something new and very special for the London area.’