easyJet announces summer 2024 Fearless Flyer course dates across UK

easyJet has announced the return of its Fearless Flyer course for the summer season, aimed at helping nervous flyers conquer their fears.

Commencing from April 21, 2024, the courses will be held at nine different airports across the UK, including Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Belfast, London Gatwick, Liverpool, London Luton, Edinburgh, and Birmingham, marking its debut at easyJet’s new base.

Since its inception in 2012, the Fearless Flyer course has empowered over 12,000 individuals to overcome their fear of flying, boasting a success rate of over 95 percent. With prices starting at £89 per person, the summer schedule offers flexible options from April to the end of June, catering to a wide range of participants. Limited spaces for the courses are now available at fearlessflyer.easyjet.com.

The easyJet Fearless Flyer course comprises three key components:

* Virtual Ground Course: Led by an easyJet captain, participants are familiarized with the sounds and sensations experienced during take-off, landing, and turbulence. Additionally, Lawrence Leyton, an expert in the psychology of fear, imparts a unique set of mind techniques to help manage nerves.

* Pre-flight ‘Meet the Team’ Session: Conducted via an online Zoom session, participants are guided through the airport experience and briefed on what to expect. The session includes a Q&A segment with the Fearless Flyer Team, featuring an easyJet pilot, Lawrence Leyton, and Course Director Mark Wein, who shares insights on overcoming fear of flying.

* Special Experience Flight: Participants embark on a one-hour experience flight from the course airport, putting their newfound skills to the test while receiving live commentary from the Fearless Flyer team.

Captain Maria Pernia-Digings, Lead Fearless Flyer Pilot Presenter, easyJet said: ‘We’re delighted to be relaunching our renowned Fearless Flyer course for 2024 with summer courses now available to book across the UK. The courses have been running for many years with a success rate of over 95%. As one of the Captains presenting the course, I have seen first-hand how so many nervous flyers conquer their worries and fears about flying and they are now enjoying traveling to all parts of the world for business, for holidays and visiting relatives. If you have a fear of flying, please come and join us and let us help you to spread your wings and change your life.

Mark Wein, easyJet’s Fearless Flyer Course Director, commented: ‘As someone who used to have a fear of flying, I understand only too well how restrictive this fear can be, but it really isn’t that difficult to overcome it. Often it’s just a lack of knowledge or a fear of panic attacks that is the root cause of the issue, which is why the easyJet Fearless Flyer course is so successful.’