Cross-Europe Rent-A-Car Trips: How Should You Plan It?

It’s everyone’s travel dream – driving through Europe’s most scenic and historical countryside. For years the cost has deterred even the most affluent traveller from venturing towards the rental booth, asking for a high-end sedan, and venturing down the highway. But given the rock-bottom prices on offer from many of Europe’s top car rental agencies, is the dream holiday really an impossibility?

Two week vehicle rentals are available throughout the UK for approximately £500 – a cost that is similar to that found in other European countries. While taxes and other expenses can vary, what’s largely thought of as an unattainable expense is really quite financially possible. By using the right combination of savvy bargaining and booking tactics, cars can be hired monthly for under £700.

The first ‘law’ of car rentals is to book using an online comparison service, preferably one that is based within your country of choice. Local companies tend to be affiliated with rental providers within the country, ensuring that you have access to low-cost rentals. Experts tend to recommend independent providers over chains, largely due to their competitive pricing and superior service.

Insurance can be a tricky issue for renters, particularly when multiple countries are involved. It’s best to speak with your insurance provider in advance to ensure that your possessions and rented items will be insured in advance, leaving you free of worry if your rental agreement isn’t ideal. A detailed check of any rental insurance policies is also essential, as many are one-sided and unfair.

With a pristine road network and one of the most stress-free international rental systems, touring through the European Union needn’t be a headache. Although fuel prices have resulted in a large drop in the number of independent travellers touring Europe by road, it remains one of the most interesting and fulfilling ways of seeing the continent’s best cultural sites and historic areas.