Your Guide on how to have a Safe Road Trip

Whether we like it or not, traveling is always a part of life, and we can’t always afford cheap airfare. There are times when we need to travel short or long trips for some important reasons. Taking a trip can be more convenient if every detail is given extra attention. A hassle-free trip is about everything proper preparation because when a single detail is left behind, it could do more harm than good.

Before hitting the road, it is best to grab some tips that will make your trip worthwhile and comfortable.

1. Keep your vehicle in top shape

Facilitate a general car check before traveling. Ensure that fluids are on the right level and make sure that your tires have the right air pressure. Should your car need some repair or fixing, attend to this as soon as possible in order to avoid the hassles of experiencing a breakdown. It would be a more expensive situation if this happens during your trip. Always take with you a roadside safety kit and a spare tire in any case something happens on the road. Check on your petrol and be sure to have enough until you reach your destination.

2. Consider renting a mobile home

When traveling long distances, you might want to rent a mobile home as this could give a lot of conveniences. Take note that a larger vehicle can give more room for your luggage and people can have enough space to stretch their legs. Bathroom breaks can also be eliminated as you can take trips to the mobile rest room as needed. A huge room can give much especially when traveling as a family. You can also save money not having to pull over for an overnight stay at a hotel for those extra-long trips. Staying in your mobile home saves you a lot.

3. The need for hotel booking

For trips that would need staying in a hotel, it is best to book a room in advance. There are times when renting a hotel as a walk-in client can be such a hassle especially when the hotel is packed with visitors. Shopping for a hotel can be stressful. In order to eliminate this problem, do an advance booking. By doing so, all you need to do is get on the road and check-in to your hotel as soon as you have reached your destination. Planning ahead is always an excellent move.

4. Avoid trouble

Traveling with everything in your car can be an opportunity for thieves to steal your personal belongings. When you need to stop at a certain places, you still need to keep track of your car. When you need to park, make sure to choose a properly lighted spot. Keep windows and doors locked. Always bring with you your valuables and important stuff when you have to leave your car for a few minutes.

5. Eliminate distractions

One of the dangers of road trips is distraction. This is such a difficult situation for the driver. Hence, passengers must somehow be cooperative. Kids must be disciplined as they have to keep themselves behaved. Avoid loud and blaring music as these can affect every other person in the car especially the driver.

A Road Trip around the UK

Ever since I can remember, travel was always a big part of my family memories. My parents used to make the most of our 3-week long holidays to take my sister and I to some amazing places, which, they figured, we would certainly enjoy to the max!

Whether close to home or farther from it, our family time was much appreciated and one of our first trips as a gang of four was to the Lake District, a region that got embedded in my brain at a very young age. Well, my sister was even younger, hardly over a year old but that didn’t stop us at all from enjoying that beautiful landscape, green-moss hills, even under the heaviest fog! Obviously, booking a car hire was a top priority for these travels: it allowed us to create an itinerary that would include child tantrums, car-sickness stops, waking up late or too early… it offers just the flexibility needed for two parents with young children on their stride, who did not wish to be conformed by any rules but their own.

Discovering the Lake District by car was an eye-opener, allowing me to realise that a life in the woods could very well be in my future’s cards. Up until now, the future hasn’t yet fullfilled in that light but I’m hopeful it will, eventually. It was also in the Lake District that I got to meet the work of writer Beatrix Potter, and make a long-time friend out of the the wings of Jemima Puddle-Duck, not to mention the curious Peter Rabbit, among other animal friends.

If you’re travelling with the kids around the area, do go for a visit to The World of Beatrix Potter attraction: mark my words, they will get all the fun they can out of it! In case you may be interested, take a look at The World of Beatrix Potter site, which provides all the necessary information, as well as upcoming events and activities for visitors of all ages!

With all the time for yourself, choosing to drive a car hire to Scotland shows itself to be a great addition to your itinerary and for those accustomed to spend time on the road, a 2-hour drive is nothing. It might be a soothing experience, really, with the radio or custom-made CDs blasting tunes that make all the vehicle occupants sing and bob their heads with glee, no one will even feel time passing by!

Scotland is able to give all sorts of experiences to its tourists: from bustling cities, history-infused towns with deeply-rooted traditions to the Highlands territory, having your own vehicle allows you to set the desired pace and better yet, travel with great comfort – that’s mostly what one wishes for, is it not? Nothing worse than have to endure a drive for hours with a sore back and frustration building up!

My family has come back to the Lake District a few mores times since that first reconnaissance trip, never really feeling tired of the scenery, always finding something new to love and miss on the return drive home. Other places around the UK have nestled very cosily in our hearts, although I have to admit the south has yet to be better explored… Maybe on the next available opportunity, we’ll take a hire car in Wales or dare heading to the southernmost tip of the English mainland and discover the natural beauty of Cornwall!