ScotRail Expands Service from Ayrshire and Renfrewshire to Glasgow

ScotRail, the railway network in Scotland, is offering two extra trains to Glasgow, from Ayrshire and Renfrewshire in Scotland, during the morning peak period.

The trains will provide around five hundred additional seats. The railway is also offering an additional four services from Glasgow For the evening period, with same number of extra seats. The company is expecting the new additions to increase its passenger traffic by 500,000 additional passengers in a year, or a 12 percent increase on the current traffic.

Jerry Farquharson, the director of business planning at ScotRail, said, ‘The new timetable is carefully designed to encourage more people to use rail throughout Ayrshire and Renfrewshire.

We are adding services where they are most needed, using a mix of fast and stopping services to reflect journey patterns across the whole area.

More travel opportunities – and jobs – are being created, with the changes also designed to attract additional passengers to rail at off-peak times, and to increase journey opportunities to and from Glasgow.’

The Scottish transport minister, Keith Brown, said, ‘We are working alongside ScotRail and Network Rail to enhance the passenger experience and deliver more capacity, renewals works and new electric rolling stock to address issues like overcrowding, capacity and punctuality.

We’ve already seen a lot of progress in the area, such as the Class 380 trains brought into service last year. We have also invested around £170 million on infrastructure enhancements to allow a more robust service to be delivered.

This timetable aims to enable better ferry connections and faster journey times, with all stations on the routes benefiting from more passengers.

We have worked closely with ScotRail to deliver a timetable that provides the most economical benefits out of all the options considered and represents the best value for money.’

ScotRail Provides Additional Seats for Madonna Concert

ScotRail, Scotland’s railway network authority, has announced that it is offering around 11,000 extra seats for fans travelling to Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a concert by Madonna, to be held on July 21, 2012.

The company has announced that around 50 trains will be offering additional carriages while serving Murrayfield, linking Dunblane, Dundee, Fife, and Glasgow, with Edinburgh.

The concert is the singing superstar’s first in Scotland, and the rail authorities have asked passengers to return immediately to Haymarket Terrace, after the concert, where ScotRail employees will direct them to the queue systems for available trains.

The train operator also advised that no alcohol will be allowed on its services after 9pm, with the exception of the overnight Caledonian Sleeper trains, often dubbed as ‘hotels on wheels’.

Steve Montgomery, the company managing director, said, ‘We look forward to welcoming thousands of music fans on board for Saturday’s concert.

We want everyone to have a great evening out, and our plans ensure that we can accommodate as many customers as possible in a safe and pleasant environment.’

British Transport Police chief superintendent and area commander for the Scotland area, Ellie Bird, said, ‘Concert-goers should be aware that enhanced alcohol restrictions, announced by ScotRail recently, will be in place after the event finishes.

Our officers will be working with the rail industry to make sure people get to and from the concert safely. Please enjoy yourself, but it is important that you remember to behave appropriately, respect the rail staff working on the night and other passengers who may not be attending the gig.’


ScotRail Announces New Ticketing Machine at Aberdeen Station

ScotRail, the railway network in Scotland, has announced the installation of a touch-screen machine at Aberdeen station in Scotland, for faster dispensing of tickets to rail passengers.

The company has chosen Aberdeen Station as the first venue to receive its touch-screen ticket-dispensing machine, ToDler, due to it issuing around 11,000 departure tickets every month, and the fact that it is one of the busiest stations on the network. The machine is scheduled to be on trial at the station for the next six months, during which time the responses of passengers using the facility will be monitored.

Sean Duffy, the commercial director at ScotRail, said, ‘This touch-screen machine will make a real difference for our customers in Aberdeen by making it faster and easier to collect pre-booked tickets.

It highlights our ongoing commitment to further enhancing Scotland’s railways.’

Parkeon, a company that manufactures other automatic fare collection systems for the public transportation industry, manufactures the ToDler machine.

Paul Moirano, the Parkeon sales director for UK Rail, said, ‘We’re making it easier than ever before to get from online to on-train.

ToDler is dedicated purely to the collection of pre-paid tickets, thereby speeding up station throughput and enhancing the passenger experience.’

Aberdeen station has also recently benefited from image initiatives, with volunteer gardeners planting floral displays as part of a programme conducted by the company at 11 railway stations in Scotland, asking non-profit organisations to adopt a station. Aberdeen station has been adopted by the Aberdeen in Bloom programme, conducted by The City Council.