Serviced apartments – a home from home

Its not a real insider’s tip anymore, yet it still is little known to many travellers and travel agents: serviced apartments. Not only does this unique “home away from home” offer more space than a conventional hotel room, it also guarantees a great potential of saving travel costs.
Many business travellers that have to go to another city, temporarily working there as a project manager or a consultant, know about the benefits of serviced apartments. The demand for this type of temporary apartment is growing. All over Europe, new houses are opening. After all, the sector of corporate housing is interesting both for the guest and the operator.

In terms of comfort, a serviced apartment can be compared at least to a junior suite in a hotel. Compared to a hotel room with a similar standard, the rates for a serviced apartment are up to 30 percent lower most of the time, sometimes even more.


The explanation for this cost advantage lies in the special concept: in general, operators of serviced apartments are cutting unnecessary services. Though many long-term travellers state that it is nice to have the many services of a common hotel, many amenities can’t be used due to a lack of time or are simply not necessary for them.

A private kitchen, instead of a breakfast buffet. A cleaning service that is more oriented on private habits and does not by all means have to been done daily. According to the operators concept, one might only find a temporarily staffed front-desk. These – to name but a few – are possibilities for the operator of serviced apartments to reduce costs and to pass on this cost advantage to the guest.

Instead of easily paying 18 euro and more per person for a breakfast buffet, guests of a serviced apartment can buy a few things in the grocery store. Enjoying breakfast just like at home, the guests will be able to eat exactly what they enjoy. Already after a few days, a good deal of money can be saved this way.

Depending on the operator’s concept, single services can, of course, separately be booked – just as the guest prefers it. Besides breakfast, this could be a shopping or laundry service. The guest simply decides if he would like to enjoy the services or not.