Center Parcs Announces Conservation Projects in Sherwood Forest

Center Parcs, a UK-based company that operates holiday parks, has announced that it will be working for the conservation of the forests and woodlands of Britain.

The company has commenced an initiative that involves planting 50 tonnes of Norfolk Reed in certain waterways at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, as part of its conservation efforts. The company is also organising Bird watching, nature walks and assorted conservation-related activities at all of its holiday parks, as part of the project.

If the reed beds evolve and expand successfully, it is hoped that rare species may begin to nest there, including Bearded Tits and Bitterns.

The company has also been planting orchards of fruit trees, including apple, cherry and plum, which provide natural habitats for Bullfinches and Thrushes. The company is planting hedgerows to attract Linnet, Yellow Hammer and Bullfinch to the area.

The company’s employees have designed a bird spotting info-graphic for visitors and bird watchers, giving details of various species of birds that may be spotted in Sherwood Forest.

Previously, volunteers from the company helped in the maintenance and conservation work in the forest, by weeding and clearing it of debris.

Steve Robinson, the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest deputy leisure manager, said, ‘It’s great that Center Parcs give us the opportunity to get out and help with local projects, meet local people and make a difference to the local community.’

Center Parcs operates 20 holiday parks in Europe, which claim to offer luxurious holiday cottages in natural environments. The fully equipped cottages are located in UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.