Hungary for a Stag Weekend?

Stag parties for the husband-to-be may not be as romantic as a marriage proposal on bended knee but they’re almost as important a part of the nuptial tradition. The low cost of air flights right now makes it possible for the groom and his gang to party hardy in places where their money will stretch the furthest – like Budapest Hungary.

At first the Pearl of the Danube may seem like an unlikely spot for a stag party, but it’s come a long way since the grey days of the oppressive Communist regime. With dozens of dance clubs and casinos lining the riverbanks that stay open till 4am every night, the action never stops in Budapest.

Should you decide to spend your last wild weekend as a single man in Budapest, a number of British companies offer planning assistance:

Stag Republic: Stag Republic has been organising stag weekends in Budapest since 2000, and now hosts approximately 5,000 clients per year – at least half of whom are referred by extremely satisfied past customers. Activities are mixed and matched to suit the guest list’s tastes and can include shooting parties, boat rides, strip poker with beautiful women and the classic stag party at a strip club among other things. The price varies according to where you stay and what you choose to do, and you will be expected to put 25 per cent of it down at the time you make your reservation. Contact them through their website:

As its name suggests, Chillisauce promises hot times – in Budapest as well as a number of other cities throughout both the UK and eastern Europe. Chillisauce offers activity packages ranging from £125 to £125 per person, which allows you to estimate total costs while you’re still in the party planning stages. While many of the packages feature standard stag party fare like lap dancing, clubbing and open bars, some of them are more unusual: Package No.#1439, It’s Been Emulsional, offers guests the chance to fight a paintball war on a former Russian military base. For more information:

Last Night of Freedom has been in business since 1999 and organises stag parties and hen parties both. You can either settle on one of their standard weekend packages or build your own. among the options if you choose to create your own entertainment venue are limo lap dances, mud wrestling, football, fencing, paintballing or KGB-style shooting. Prices are not listed upfront but all other details may be found on their website:

Stag Abroad features weekend packages that range from £89 to £139. Daytime activities emphasise sports like banger racing, indoor and outdoor carting, paintballing and quad biking, whilst evening activities are geared towards the naughty. Want to eat sushi off a live girl table? Now’s your chance. More information is available at