Stay at Star Wars film set for just £6 – HotUKDeals

Members of HotUKDeals, a UK-based online deal hunting community, have discovered a destination that can transport visitors to ‘a galaxy far, far away’ for just £6 a night.

The venue in question is the hotel used as Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine House in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Now a tourist attraction, the Hotel Sidi Driss in Matamata, Tunisia, is built out of five pit dwellings, and has been likened to an earthy silent tomb. The underground labyrinth of vaults and passageways was used as Luke Skywalker’s home for the first Stars Wars film. These ‘troglodytes’ underground homes are traditional cave dwellings built 20 feet underground to protect residents from the intense heat. The bargain priced rooms, spotted by the on-line community’s members, also include breakfast.

The underground hotel has 20 rooms for 145 guests, with a restaurant and bar. According to one HotUKDeals member, KinanswerMe, who has already visited the hotel, visitors ‘can even see Mr. Lucas’ signature on some of the set pieces’ making this a pilgrimage for every Star Wars super fan.

The other destinations and activities on offer in the area include a museum behind the hotel, the scenic stone village of Tamezret and an excursion to the tiny troglodyte village of Haddej, known for its underground olive press.

The offer has caused huge excitement in the community, with fan, Ffaruq, saying that ‘this is the most awesome deal in the history of HUKD!’

‘[As]as long as those Imperial Stormtroopers do not turn up looking for some droids, it should be a decent stay,’ says member, Wasmith67.

Another member, tehwabbit, warned: ‘It’s a danger zone FFS, why would you advise HUKD members to go here?!… full of Tuscan Raiders and weird old men, not to mention the kidnappings the Jawas frequently do.’

‘ too convince the other half this is somehow a educational visit!’, said Marcusdawg.

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